Did You Know? – Reminders in ShiftCare

Ian Deshays

Written on 16 July, 2018
You spoke, we listened! We’ve been asked for an insiders guide on how to get the best from ShiftCare outside of the usual scheduling tasks. In this "Did You Know?" series, we’ll be highlighting features of ShiftCare we think you’ll find especially useful saving you time in your day-to-day operations.

Reminders in ShiftCare

To say you’re juggling a lot is an understatement! With all staff compliance certificates, client plans and invoices you’ve got a lot of moving targets to keep your eye on. ShiftCare can be setup to automatically send reminders for all of these things, ensuring compliance and keep you on top of the incoming cash flow.

Let ShiftCare automate your daily routine with these handy reminders:

  • Client document reminders

  • Staff document reminders

  • Invoice reminders

Client document reminders

Setting reminders on your client documents helps ensure your clients feel like they’re your number one priority. Attaching a reminder for a care plan, for example, helps your team stay up-to-date with your clients’ needs. Client document reminders are emailed to the primary contact person for the client, this applies to care plans which are developed by coordinators, helping them feel more connected and involved in their care. Learn how here

Staff document reminders

Your team have a huge number of documents which expire at various times keeping account for all of those timelines can be tricky but reminders help keep track of all of those dates. Reminders can be set to send an email to a staff member reminding them to renew their working with children check or first aid certificate, for example, before they expire so they can arrange for a new one – helping them get organised and you stay compliant with the various regulations.

Learn how here »

Invoice reminders

Issuing invoices straight from ShiftCare is very convenient as all the details of the services you provide and the rates can be easily stored in ShiftCare saving you from switching between two applications. ShiftCare also integrates with a number of accounting platforms out of the box. Invoices can also be edited and tweaked before sending them allowing you full control over your billing. Remembering when to prompt people that invoices are due can also be left up to ShiftCare with automated reminders which can be set to send a reminder before or after the due date. The number of days is configurable by you and you can have multiple reminders.

Learn how here »

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