Feature Updates From ShiftCare

Ian Deshays

Written on 1 August, 2018
The latest update for ShiftCare features a variety of workflow enhancements to make your rostering and staff management easier and more efficient.

What’s new:

Multiple ratios in a single shift

Split ratio assist with making programs where clients ratios, time and rate groups change within a program or single shift. Split ratios help coordinate complicated, dynamic environments where demands on staff fluctuates depending on client requirements.

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Filtering shifts in the Staff Shift Breakdown report based on area

This addition to the shift breakdown report provides greater granularity, allowing you to drill-down focussing on a staff member’s hours within an area.

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Dynamic rate groups (no longer need to re-save existing shifts to reflect changes to rate group)

Previously when changing rate groups it was necessary to re-save the impacted shifts for the change to be applied to those existing shifts – thanks to our smart developers this step isn’t necessary saving a great deal of time when updating rates.

Client settings: Allow historic client communications to be shared with staff

Keeping everyone in the loop is critical in such a fast paced environment is difficult particularly when balancing trying to protect client information. You now have the option to allow new staff to see client notes.

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Select all in Client Shift Breakdown report when generating an invoice

When invoicing for clients, you are now able to generate bulk invoices which allows you to select and generate all invoices under that client’s name.

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Formatting of Shift description enhancement

When we added text styling and formatting to the the shift description we knew it would be very popular and a great enhancement especially when trying to highlight key information. There were some instances when the creativity allowed in this section went too far and it was unreadable so we’ve put some safeguards in place to make sure the text remains legible.

Updating leave: Adding more leave types

By popular demand, we have added more types of leave to the types that can be applied for. Requesting leave is really quick and easy for your team to do.

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App: Photo upload photo enhancement to make the process faster

The app has been updated so that when attaching photos to shift notes the images will upload quicker than they previously have done. The cleaver tech team have pulled some leavers and dialed up the speeds to make the process much quicker.

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