The Future of Care Management: A Look at ShiftCare's Features

Asha Neil

Written on 15 May, 2023
Care management software can empower you to provide high-quality aged care and disability services while reducing your costs. But how exactly can it support your business?

How ShiftCare's Care Management Features Support You

ShiftCare's care management software is built around the needs of disability and aged care providers, from ensuring compliance to tracking progress. Its key features include:


For a care management business, rostering can be extremely complex. Disability support and aged care providers have to consider the needs of numerous clients and staff members when building shifts, in addition to SCHADS awards pay points and breaks, staff qualifications and client locations.

ShiftCare's care management software will simplify the process. You can reduce the time you spend on rostering by setting up recurring and group shifts, as well as assigning multiple clients and services to shifts. And with per-client and per-employee views of the roster, it's easy to check that your clients are scheduled to receive the disability and aged care support they're entitled to.

Job Board

Whether you need sick cover or you're onboarding new clients and services, ShiftCare's job board will give you the ability to quickly fill shifts. Pre-approve appropriate team members so that you can simply post the job and then allow ShiftCare's care management software to handle advertising it, assigning the team member and rostering the support services.

Filling shifts will only require minimal effort on your part. And by streamlining this process, you'll set your disability and aged care management business up for growth. You’ll be able to take on additional clients without increasing your administrative costs.

Plus, the job board will improve your team’s job satisfaction levels, as they get greater control over their total work hours and service types.

Progress Notes and Document Management

ShiftCare's care management software makes client documentation easy. The cloud-based storage system means your team can easily access all the information they need, from past progress notes to aged care service agreements. 

Progress note templates and voice-to-text technology help your team quickly add new records. You’ll be able to ensure documentation quality standards while reducing your staff’s administrative burden.

ShiftCare’s goals and strategies features also allow you to track progress. When it comes to annual support and care plan reviews, you’ll have all the information at hand to evaluate the client’s current strengths and needs.

Client Management

Disability and aged care management software like ShiftCare will help you manage clients' support services. ShiftCare automatically updates goals, documentation and funds usage trackers and projections based on scheduled and delivered services, expenses, and other data.

You can also share updates with family members with the click of a button. You won't need to invest in other systems for communications or client care management.

Invoicing and Accounting Integration

With ShiftCare, everything is integrated. You can auto-generate invoices based on staff members' electronic time tracking and uploaded expenses. Thanks to the NDIS bulk claims feature, you can reduce the time you spend on invoicing for disability support services by up to 90%.

You can also import ShiftCare data to other systems, such as your accounting and payroll software, in seconds.


Disability and aged care providers must comply with the strict standards of the Fair Work Commission, ACQSC and NDIS. Their requirements can be complex and, at times, confusing. But compliance is where ShiftCare shines. 

ShiftCare’s care management software is designed to help you adhere to the best practice guidelines. NDIS integrations are a stress-free way to follow the Practice Standards, while you can set pay points for easier SCHADS award compliance.

Our compliance management settings also include the use of a cloud-based platform for improved record management, document expiry notifications and more. They’ll help keep you audit-ready without the effort. 

Mobile App for Caregivers

ShiftCare’s user-friendly mobile app supports your team in providing better home care and support services.

Access to clients' disability and aged care plans is essential for quality care management. As a cloud-based platform, ShiftCare enables your caregivers to access up-to-date records while working on multiple sites. Your team can also upload disability and aged care progress notes on the go.

The mobile app will enable your team to set their preferred work hours and view their schedule whenever they wish. By using a cloud-based platform rather than email attachments, you can eliminate the risk of team members viewing out-of-date shift information.

Portal for Clients and Their Loved Ones

When a client's family and friends are involved in their care management, everyone benefits. Family members can relax in the knowledge that their loved ones are receiving high-quality disability or aged care. 

For many aged care providers, updating family members on care management efforts is time-consuming. However, the ShiftCare Connect companion portal for clients' loved ones provides a quick and easy way to share progress updates. You won't have to spend hours sending emails or sign up for multiple other systems for communication.

Approved users can access the ShiftCare Connect web portal to view care management updates and billing information. They also have the ability to request additional supports through the portal.

Care Management Software That Supports You Now and in the Future

The right disability and aged care management software will support you in growing your business while providing quality disability and aged care services. It will help you meet the needs of staff and clients alike, ensure compliance with the relevant Code of Conduct and legislation, and integrate with your other systems such as Xero, QuickBooks or MYOB.

ShiftCare's care management software gives disability and aged care providers like you the tools you need to better manage your business. Plus, it's user friendly and the customer support has a 96% positive satisfaction rating.

Discover how care management software can empower your business. Try ShiftCare for free.

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