Take Complete Control Of Workforce Management With ShiftCare

Do you run or manage a café, a gym or a nursing agency?
Do you often find it difficult to schedule work and manage rosters?
Are you still using old and conventional methods for preparing rosters?

Well, then its time you replace your conventional methods with work scheduling software like ShiftCare.

Disadvantages of old methods such as manual and Excel:

Increased rostering and payroll processing costs

Manually creating work schedules are a big loss on the part of a company. It not only wipes out your important time but also deprives you of capital.

The money spent on paper, ink, stapler pins etc. over a period of time can make a sizeable amount which could have been invested in business expansion.

Besides, HR department gets least help from these out-dated methods. They have hard time calculating salaries, time-off and staff leave. As a result, payroll processing expenses also go up.

Increased labor costs

Inaccurate work scheduling often results in overstaffing even if there was less demand. Hence, employers have to pay more for less amount of work done.

Additionally, calculating labor costs become challenging, let alone anticipating future labor costs for a particular shift.

Increased paperwork and environmental waste

Needless to say but constructing work schedules on a paper gives rise to huge demand of paper across the organisation. Often, it is mindlessly used and trashed in bins causing massive increase in environmental waste.

Other than this, use of consumables like printer inks and stapler pins also increases our carbon footprint on earth.

Having read the disadvantages of old and conventional methods, you must be thinking of how you can lower down these costs. The answer is quite simple… you need ShiftCare for work scheduling.

With years of experience in providing work scheduling solutions, ShiftCare has always made the seemingly difficult easy. Being one-of-a-kind roster management software, it does much more than scheduling work and managing shifts.

Let’s see, what ShiftCare has got for you:

Decreased Labor Costs

Roster management also becomes cost-effective with ShiftCare. Reduced overstaffing results in control of labor costs; which overall helps in bringing administrative costs down.

Since you have all the shifts in one place, you get a decent idea of how much your employee salaries will cost the business on any specific day of the roster. Hence, managing shifts (that are both qualified and inexpensive) becomes easy for you.

Dramatic reduction in operational costs

Crafted out of a trusted technology, the ShiftCare eases the communication across the company, also reducing the total cost of ownership at the same time.

As communication takes place through Email and SMS alerts, the need to invest in paper, printer, ink etc. is totally removed.

Apart from managers and team, HR department gets great help from this ‘versatile and robust’ staff rostering software. Preparing salaries becomes a breeze with all the data of leave, time-off, and replace shifts in front of them.

Research shows that implementing a roster management system like ShiftCare helps in speedy achievement of Return on Investment (ROI) than anticipated. Apart for cost savings, businesses that automate work scheduling will experience improved customer service.

Zero environmental waste

Since there is no paper and everything is web-based, the environmental waste is zero while your efficiency goes through the roof.

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