May Feature Release 2018

Ian Deshays

Written on 23 May, 2018
Latest update for ShiftCare features a variety of workflow enhancements to make your rostering and staff management easier and more efficient.

What's new:

Client quotes

  • Providing clients with quotes for services before booking them into schedule programs is a key aspect of many of ShiftCare’s users. Feedback has been having this feature would provide greater efficiency to those producing quotes.

Quick edit

  • This great shortcut helps you to easily change small details of a program without having to load all of the details. You can quickly make changes to staff, clients or description for example without loading up all the other details.

Upload document with no expiry date

  • You can now specify that staff and client documents do not expire.

Mandatory task validation (stops staff from clocking out)

  • The task feature which is proving very popular has now had mandatory tasks added.

  • These tasks have to be marked as completed by the staff member before they can clock out of a shift.

Show NDIS rate ref in invoices, breakdown and shift detail

  • As the NDIS uptake has increased your customers are expecting greater detail in their invoices relating to their services and ultimately their funds. This provides greater clarity to your customers.

For more information please reference the ShiftCare knowledge base.

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