New feature releases for October 2015

Ian Deshays

Written on 15 October, 2015
  • Two new roles HR and Support

  • Calendar access on mobile devices

  • Birthday reminders

  • Leave in a staff member’s timesheet is displayed

  • Attendance days for clients

  • Annual leave request

Latest feature updates for October 2015

ShiftCare is 100% committed to creating tools and solutions that improve the way you operate.

October has seen a raft of new features released to ShiftCare users. Some of these are as a result of feedback from users and other have been added to make your life easier!

We want to hear from you. Contact us with feedback, request a demo or discuss your requirements.

Two new roles HR and Support

To make content more relevant and secure access to information we have created two new roles.

HR role gives users access to managing programs, shifts and staff as well as approving leave requests.

The Support Role gives you access to managing programs and shifts as well as managing clients.

Calendar access

Proving hugely popular with our mobile workforce users is the ability to get their shifts automatically pushed to their mobiles (with both iPhone/Android supported).

Staff can sync Shift details with their mobile phone calendars so they can get shift information on their devices.

Birthday reminders

Like to celebrate and recognise birthdays? A new icon has been added, users will see a bell in header, the number label next to it, notifies you of number of birthdays in next 7 days.


Leave in a staff member’s timesheet is displayed

Leave is now published in timesheets alongside the shifts a staff member has worked by default.

This will help with reconciling shift payments and leave calculations.

Attendance days for clients

When creating new client profiles users will be able to tell ShiftCare which day the client will be attending. This provides users with a more efficient way to book clients on to a program.


Annual leave request

All staff can now request leave be it holiday or sick leave. Admin staff will receive notifications. Once approved staff get a confirmation alert.

While requesting leave staff can provide a reason as well as attach documentation supporting their leave request e.g. doctor certificate for sick leave.


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