ShiftCare's Rostering & Scheduling New Features - November 2015

Discover the features that the development team added back in November 2015. Geo-location based clock-in/out, Shift scheduling help, Enhanced search, Archive feature added and much more. Discover them all here!

Latest feature updates for November 2015

  • Geo-location based clock-in/out

  • Shift scheduling help

  • Enhanced search

  • Archive feature added

  • Accept a roster or decline a shift for staff

  • Funding attribution splits

  • Leave types expanded

  • Attach documents to staff and client records

Geo-location based clock-in/out

A great feature that’s been waiting in the wings until someone wanted it was Geo-location based clock-in/out. Now you have the option of turning on location based clocking in & out. This is pretty cool for all of our users who have remote teams, not only are you able to ensure staff are on site you know when and for how long. This feature will provide insight into staff movements when taking centralised customer service calls, so you’ll know if a team member is running 15 minutes late for an appointment because they’re only just checking out of their previous appointment.

ShiftCare app - Screnshot Start Shift - Rostering Software

Scheduling help

Ever find yourself trying to double book that champion member of staff who’s worth a king’s ransom only to find out you’ve already got them rostered on? We’ve built in a feature that tells you what they’re already scheduled for so you’ll know that maybe they can’t start quite when you wanted to but they’re available for the rest of the day – phew!

ShiftCare App - Scheduling Help - Rostering Software

Enhanced search

To help users find their way around the platform the team have added an advanced search feature which will find any reference in clients, staff or programmes. Super helpful when you want quick answers!

You’ll find this on the left-hand-side, below your user avatar, above the navigation.

Archive feature added

It happens, staff and customer leave. Now once they’ve moved on you can too! We’ve added the ability to archive staff or clients so they don’t show up. Clean, neat, just the way we like it!

Accept or decline a shift

A feature one of our new customers asked for was to have was for staff to be able to accept or decline shifts via SMS or email. Now staff can confirm their availability for a shift in the most convenient and quickest way. This gives you peace of mind that your team have taken the step to accept the shift and will show up!

ShiftCare App - Accept or Decline Shifts - Rostering Software 1

ShiftCare App - Accept or Decline Shifts - Rostering Software 2

ShiftCare App - Accept or Decline Shifts - Rostering Software 3

Funding attribution splits

Do you receive deposits or part payments for example upfront funding which is later made up? ShiftCare now allows you to add part payments or split total funds across customers. Care facilities and hospitality clients have already found this particularly useful when tracking budgets. This can be turned on or off by Area.

Leave types added

Based on feedback, we have expanded the different types of leave to cater for a whole lot of different reasons…we left off some of the more inventive reasons you might be familiar with!

Attach documents to staff records

As well as being able to upload photos and other documents to a client’s record we have enabled documents to be upload so you can now store important information such as reviews, medical notes and achievement certification to Staff records.

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