Newest Future Release for ShiftCare App

Ian Deshays

Written on 20 February, 2019
The newly released ShiftCare App features will enable care-workers to have better accessibility, access their schedule and be more organised than ever before. This will allow you to support your clients’ needs and manage your work efficiently, ensuring easier and smoother usage.

Bulk read Notifications

ShiftCare sends automatic notifications every time care worker is assigned the shift, shift details are changed, leave approved or rejected and many more. In this release, we are introducing functionality to mark all notifications as read. You can do this by clicking on tick button on top right of the notification view within your ShiftCare App. Clicking on that tick button will mark all notifications as Read and this view will be empty.

Document Access

It is important to keep care worker training as well as competency documents up-to-date. Training records can be used as a basis for goal setting or aid in matching competencies with client needs. Giving care worker the visibility of the status of expiration of their own documents/competencies will reduce admin overheads. In the latest app release ShiftCare App introduces an additional module in App called Documents. This will give care worker a read only access to their own documents with expiry date.

Need to control care worker access to their own document? No problem. Office staff have full control in giving this access to their staff.

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Next month’s shifts

Having access to own roster makes life very easy. ShiftCare App brings care-worker roster to their fingertips. Their roster is just one click away via their app. Our product team received quite a few requests regarding care workers unable to scroll past the last day of month. From v1.7, you will have access to an additional few days of shifts from next month by simply scrolling up and down the screen.

Decline Shift

In this release, ShiftCare App has introduced an enhancement where care worker can not only decline the shift but also state reason for declining. This message will be conveyed to office staff via email notification and shift timeline.

New leave Types

Staff can take leave for various reasons. There are many types of leave; some are legally mandated to be available, and others are voluntarily offered by employers. We have introduced some new leave types. Please see full list below.

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Clock In Improvements

A clocking in ShiftCare, creates a physical, indisputable record of when an employee clocked in and out of work on any particular day & location. It can be used to calculate an accurate payroll which, in turn, can lead to an accurate amount the business spent on labour. In recent release, Android GPS service has been improved to ensure reliable clock in/clockout locations.

To know about clock in and out click on link below

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