ShiftCare Product Release 29 June 2016

Ian Deshays

Written on 29 June, 2016
ShiftCare release for the end of June introduces many new features that improve functionality and performance for our clients and users.
  • Shift Management

  • Client Record Management

  • Notifications

  • Reporting: Dashboard

  • Enhancements & Other Features

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Shift Management: Attendance


Attendance is a ‘Quick Edit’ feature that can be used to:

  • make adjustments to the start and end times for staff assigned to a shift

  • edit the description notes

  • add or remove staff members

  • remove clients or mark as absent

  • manage split shifts and overlapping shifts.

Client Record Management: Documentation


Upload documents for a client and share with staff assigned to a shift with that client. Documentation can include care notes, progress notes, medical history, special instructions, or flyers and activity vouchers.

Shift Management: Email & SMS Notifications


ShiftCare now support bulk email/SMS for clients and users. Admin users can share a shift with staff using email or SMS, regardless of Notifications default settings.

Reporting: Dashboard


ShiftCare Dashboard now displays Total Demand, Total Booked, Total Cancelled and Total Pending shifts in hours for either Weekly or Monthly periods. Dashboard period (weekly/monthly) can be configured using Account Settings.

Enhancements & Other Features

  • Archive management of staff and clients

  • Shift share is notified as an event

  • Faster calculation of double bookings

  • Optimisation of shift breakdown for staff users

About ShiftCare

ShiftCare is making it easy for health service providers to get care workers to clients at the right time, the right place, with the right information to provide the highest quality of care and deliver the best client experience.

ShiftCare is ‘in the cloud’ which means that staff and management can access the software online from any device, anywhere, at any time.

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