Staff Management: Advanced Filtering Capability

Ian Deshays

Written on 13 June, 2017
Why keeping staff details up-to-date is important.

Searching for the right Staff member in ShiftCare just got a whole lot more powerful.

This new feature removes the memory game of matching a shift’s requirements to a skill set of a staff member.

Using the new filter you can quickly search through your team to match the right staff member to the needs of your client based on a variety of requirements.

Having a complete set of staff details will provide you with the ability to match client requirements to staff skills and qualifications.

You can filter Staff based on proximity to the Shift, their security checks, whether they have a certain type of driving licence the languages they speak amongst other things.

That’ll make finding the right person quicker and easier.

Staff configuration

Setting up staff details with the right information is key to ongoing success.

To do this when creating a new staff member complete as much profile information as you have available. Once created you can add certificates and other documents to the staff member’s details.


Complete staff records helps schedule shifts effectively

When uploading pdf documents you can set an expiry date plus a category such as Working With Children Check or First Aid Certificate.


Set the expiry dates of certificates and qualifications so reminders for renewals can be created


Set the document type details

Private notes that only Admin and HR users can see also help log important details.

Did you know.

Staff are able to edit their names, date of birth, mobile phone number and upload a photo of themselves.

Searching staff skills from the staff list

Using the filters within the staff list couldn’t be easier. The search box returns results as you type from all of the profile fields (name, address, email etc).

Clicking on the More button allows you to access the Advanced Search feature.

The Advanced Search filters through your staff list matching details of all of your input requirements. These can be anything from qualifications and certificates through to driving license type and distance from a shift.


Search for the right staff to cover your shift

Searching staff within a shift

When creating or editing a shift clicking on the Filter Staff icon will bring up the same advanced search interface as in the staff list.


Worried that staff certificates might be out of date? Set up automatic reminders in your account settings for staff to alert them ahead of time and have them upload new certificates to their account.

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