The 5 Ps for FY17: Navigating The Challenges Of NDIS

Ian Deshays

Written on 16 July, 2016
Welcome to winter and welcome to the new financial year!

The 1st of July was a moment of truth for many providers and while the world did not stop turning, there was an air of anxiety surrounding NDIS, myplace Portal and the direction of prices. So with budgets done and elections won, what can we expect for the health services sector in FY17?

The drivers of change and keys to success for the next 12 months are tied to 5 Ps:

  1. Pricing and myplace portal

  2. Participants

  3. Productivity and processes

  4. People and expansion of services

  5. Partnerships, collaboration and mergers

Pricing and myplace Portal

Pricing is a matter of contention and will remain in a state of flux for the next year or two, maybe longer. Regardless of ebbs and flows, there is significant downward pressure on rates and consequently, a squeeze on margins. Success will be driven through efficiency, tight management of expenses and finding new sources of revenue.

myplace Provider Portal was off to a slow start with many providers unable to get online on day one. Upgrades and releases are on the on the way; patience and perseverance will see out the pain.

ShiftCare workforce management software is NDIS-ready with service codes and unit prices embedded into ShiftCare Rates for our Disability customers. Billing export is in the format specified by Myplace Portal for Claim Request Data, making claims and payments quick and easy.

And ShiftCare is substantially more affordable than installed, server-based software of the past decade. Being cloud-based, there are no installation costs, no hosting costs and no maintenance for IT teams. Subscriptions are based on numbers of your staff and clients, so you only pay for what you use, which will help your bottom line.


Customers first. Customer-focused. NDIS has flipped the funding model on its head, putting the consumer in control of how and where disability dollars are spent. In reality, this is a reflection of what has been going on in the broader world of business, the health services industry is now catching up.

Providers will lift their marketing game and put programs in place that source, target and talk to participants, carers and families. Many providers will have been doing this for some time but with the open market created by NDIS and choice in the hands of consumers, strong marketing and customer communications will lead to gains in market share, improve rates of retention and ensure customer growth.

ShiftCare Client Record Management (CRM) provides tools and processes to put participants at the centre of workforce scheduling and cost management. Store profiles, multiple contacts, care ratios and documents. ShiftCare keeps this data confidential and allows you to make it available to those who need to know.

Productivity and processes

The upshot of NDIS is that providers have to do more with less. With the squeeze on margins and an open market for services, providers will need to find efficiencies and develop processes that enable staff to focus on providing the best quality of service and customer care.

ShiftCare is productivity software. It simplifies the scheduling process for coordinators, improves communication between staff and streamlines invoicing and financials.

People and expansion of services

As providers diversify services, the need to find qualified people with specialised skills, or train up staff to acquire new skills, will be major drivers of workforce change. Coupled with an inherently casual workforce, we can expect to see growth in job boards and agencies for the health services sect

ShiftCare provides tools to manage staff profiles, record qualifications and track KPIs. It also scales very easily. Admin users can add new staff, set reminders for expiry of documents, and use email or SMS communications to keep staff informed with up to the minute information.

Partnerships, collaboration and mergers

The Disability services market has been disrupted, by government. Disruption forces change, evolution and better outcomes for consumers. Businesses must evolve and when it makes sense, join forces.

When new partners come together, the two biggest challenges are culture and technology. Blending cultures requires time, energy, open communication and a busy calendar of activities. Technology, on the other hand, must be solved expediently to realise cost savings as quickly as possible and keep services on track.

Cloud software enables business to set up, scale, connect and share more easily than ever before. CRM, marketing, payroll, billing and communication services are all well-established SaaS products.

ShiftCare is cloud-based. There are no installation costs, no hosting costs and no maintenance for IT teams. Subscriptions are based on the number of your staff and clients, so you only pay for what you use. These factors makes SaaS substantially more affordable than installed, server-based software of the past decade.

People and Technology

This is a challenging time for the healthcare sector with demand for services on the rise, funding models in flux and margins under pressure. Success will be determined by an ability to get the right people together, working in efficient, productive teams, to deliver services in care, employment, activities and accommodation.

At ShiftCare, we are helping clients tackle the 5 Ps with leading edge technology that lifts productivity, improves communications, streamlines financials and scales easily. We are empowering business and employees to be agile, stay connected and run lean.

See the difference yourself by starting your zero-commitment, free trial today.

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