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We make it easy to record, track and share client progress notes, keeping everyone in the know.

Disability service worker having a conversation with a girl with a disability while noting down observations on her personal care and social interactions using ShiftCare's progress notes

Notes on the go

Notes made simple

We’ve made it easy to record and share notes. The speak-to-text feature means support teams can just talk to their phones, and the app will capture and upload progress notes after their shifts.

customize templates

Track what matters

Every team has different priorities, and every client has different needs. We make it easy to create and customize templates for your team that capture and share the information they need to be at their best.

ShiftCare's progress notes function with overall observations, personal care assessment, and wellbeing notes for a female client with disability

share care notes

Make it a team effort

Teams can be kept up-to-date on progress with notes instantly available, making it easier for teams to collaborate and share clients, and families to stay updated on the progress of loved ones.

incident reports

Document important cases

Stay compliant and up-to-date by ensuring incidents are correctly documented. Customizable headings ensure your team captures all the required information in a quick and easy to access format.


private notes

Maintain confidentiality

Control who can view notes, allowing you to both maintain privacy and share notes with certain people.


HIPAA compliant

Ensure security

All sensitive information is securely stored, giving agencies peace of mind that their information is safe and compliant with HIPAA regulations.


More Features

Care notes made simple

Speech to text

Teams can just talk into their phones to record notes, and easily share.

Upload files

From images to forms, teams can upload a wide range of docs to support progress.

Improve collaboration

Improve communication between teams to support more collaborative care.

Download and go

Available on iOS and Android, the app puts all your team's needs at their fingertips.

Stay compliant

With notes recorded every shift, you can be confident in your compliance.

Message logs

Access communications between your teams and your clients, and link to profiles.

Any questions?

Care notes are documents created by carers at the end of each visit. They are an essential part of a Client Personal File and are mandatory in case of an audit. It can also be used as a communication tool for staff and families.

They act as proof of service delivery. They constitute a legal record. The notes link to the client’s care plan. They are a great sharing tool.

Yes, keeping a record of the client notes is mandatory.

We have written a detailed article on how to best write progress notes for the aged care and disability sector.

You can add very different file types: png, jpg, pdf, word & email file types to care notes. 

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