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Match clients and staff

Our home care software simplifies the coordination and management of your home care services. A single, streamlined dashboard offers a comprehensive view of your team's schedules, enabling effortless shift scheduling and matching of the right caregivers with clients.

Disability service provider getting notification for a new shift on ShiftCare NDIS Software and mobile app

Care management

Update and share client details in moments.

Upload care plans and other important documents in moments and share them with staff on the go. With shift details instantly relayed, the back office will have fewer inbound calls and more certainty over team availability.



Note-taking made easy

Effortlessly update care notes, plans and upload documents. Use features like 'talk to text' for quick and accurate note-taking. Centralize your information in one accessible location, ensuring all team members have the complete picture as soon as their shift starts, enabling them to provide a higher standard of care.

Invoicing & Accounting

Streamlined financial management

Seamlessly connect with leading accounting software for smooth operations. Instantly process timesheets, generate bulk invoices, and manage expenses with ease.



ShiftCare Connect helps loved ones play an active role.

A dedicated portal for family and friends, ShiftCare Connect enables loved ones to get an overview of care, be more hands on and make some decisions on your client’s behalf.

Elderly client's schedule on ShiftCare with sessions for domestic assistance and nursing care

Taking the next steps

Looking to grow your home care agency?

We can help you identify the best approach for growing your home care business, no matter how big or small you are.


Success Stories

Sue Pullar Says 'Bye' To Paper Planners And 'Hi' To A Thriving 100-Employee Strong Business

From two staff and a double-paged diary to an all-in-one online management software Sue’s Home Care has grown to become a successful home care agency.

ShiftCare provides a framework to allow you to pretty much grow. Each month, we’re still growing and ShiftCare just mops up all that growth.

Have any questions ?

Home Care Software is a specialized type of software designed to assist home care agencies in managing their operations. It streamlines various tasks such as scheduling, client management, caregiver coordination, billing, and payroll. This software enables agencies to efficiently organize and track the care provided to clients in their homes.

They sure can. The ShiftCare app provides your organization with up-to-the-minute details of their schedule so they can use the app to access previous care notes and documents which have been shared with them.

Yes, through the ShiftCare app, your staff can add notes for a client and claim mileage travelled, and expenses, helping you deliver better outcomes.

Yes, ShiftCare can be used for group shifts as well as one to one care.

Yes, with ShiftCare Connect as an optional extra module, customers can view their calendar and notes added by workers depending on your business needs and settings enabled by you.

Yes, our care software is integrated with popular payroll systems like Xero, MYOB, and KeyPay, helping you boost productivity and keep your invoicing quick and efficient.

For caregivers, this software simplifies scheduling, provides access to client information, and helps in documenting care services. Clients benefit through better-coordinated care, enhanced communication with their caregivers, and often have access to portals where they can view their care plans and schedules.

Security is a paramount concern for home care software providers. These systems are typically equipped with robust security measures to protect sensitive client and caregiver information. They are also designed to comply with relevant privacy regulations like HIPAA in the United States, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of data.

When selecting home care software, consider factors such as ease of use, customization options, scalability, customer support, and pricing structures. It's also important to assess the software's capability to handle your specific agency needs, including scheduling, billing, reporting, and client and caregiver management.

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