Shift management made easy

Streamlining a typical back-and-forth process, your support team will find it easier than ever to post and assign jobs, while your staff will have a centralised space to monitor and apply for available shifts.



Fill vacant shifts

Open available shifts up to teams who will be notified, then automatically assign the first applicant to fill the slot, or require approval before being assigned.


Customizable Critera

Control shift visibility

When posting a job, create criteria to filter which staff are shown the vacant shift. Ensure staff location, competencies, skills and qualifications are in line with the needs of your clients.


Live Availability

Stay on the pulse

By cutting out the usual back-and-forth in sharing and accepting jobs, Job Board streamlines this process for you.

More Features

More ways we streamline employee rostering

Manage team availability

See who’s available when with a clear overview of schedules and planned leave.

Sort shifts by status

Get the lowdown on all active, pending, or cancelled shifts.

Shift reminders

Team members receive automated reminders of their shifts, and to clock in and out.

Any Questions ?

Yes, you can enable a distance radius of your choice around the location of the shift, although it is important to note that this radius is as the crow flies and not related to the roads in the area.

Staff who meet the customised filters for a job board posting can be notified via the ShiftCare app.

Not in the current version of Job Board, we are currently working to enable job board for multi staff shifts.

Yes, as well as targeting a specific team you can choose to narrow down who sees the advertised shift to specific staff attributes, such as gender and qualifications so that only staff appropriate for the shift can apply.

Yes, any shift added to the job board can be set to require approval. For these shifts, staff can apply and the scheduling team can then approve which staff member is scheduled to the shift.

Job Board is available to ShiftCare users on Pro and Premium plans.

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