Record-keeping just got painless

All your important team and client documents online and accessible anywhere.

ShiftCare homepage for an elderly male client's care plans, their expiry dates, and validity statuses

All in one place

Cut overheads

With plans uploaded in seconds, and team and client information all in one place, available anywhere, you’ll save hours of admin time a month.

Woman in wheelchair and her downloadable documents and plans under ShiftCare's client document management system

Automated reminders

Don’t miss a thing

Set up automated email notifications to remind clients or caregivers when important documents are about to expire, to ensure you and your team stay compliant.

Worker holding phone, getting a ShiftCare mobile app notification for a client document expiring in 2 weeks

Stay compliant

We’ve got your back

With reminders helping keep your agency and your back office on top of the latest regulatory requirements and document validity, we help make audits less stressful.

HIPAA compliant

Ensure security

All sensitive information is securely stored, giving agencies peace of mind that their information is safe and compliant with HIPAA regulations.


Any Questions ?

You can upload the below documents with their expiry days.

  • Caregivers: e.g. working with children check, first aid etc.
    Staff can view their own documents from the ShiftCare app. This will enable them to keep track of their certifications.

  • Clients: e.g. Behavior plan, Daily routine, epilepsy plan etc.
    Caregivers can view their client's documents before their shift starts.

  • Organizations: e.g. Policies etc.
    You can give caregivers access to organizational documents if you wish. 

ShiftCare supports a wide array of document types. This means you can bring all your clients email communication into ShiftCare, and everything is stored in one place. New file types include: 

  • Word

  • Excel

  • Pdf

  • Txt

  • Msg (Outlook emails)

  • Emails

Automated reminders can be set-up to be applied to:

  • Documents nearing expiration

  • Expired documents

  • Overdue Invoices

Note: Reminders will only be applicable to documents with an expiration date.

Keeping client documents up-to-date is an integral part of maintaining efficiency for clients, as the caregiver can view these documents during shifts to ensure that all activities are completed and clients are looked after in accordance with their individual requirements.

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