Your whole team, always connected.

Available on iOS and Android, the ShiftCare app connects your team, caregivers, clients and their families, to make the everyday management of support easier and more personalized.

Disability service provider getting notification for a new shift on ShiftCare NDIS Software and mobile app

The lowdown on shifts

The perfect shift companion

With a wealth of information in the pocket, along with all the forms, support and tools they need to do the job, the ShiftCare app makes life easier for caregivers.

Planning shifts

Up-to-date rosters, schedules and availability.

The lowdown on a shift

Access client details, progress notes and care plans.

Always up-to-date

Plan coordinators can instantly update teams on shifts.

Great app to get an instant update about your shifts and your client's needs: behavior chart, diet plan, care plan, medication and so on which helps give more personal care.

Visit Verification

Visit tracking made simple

With our app in their pocket, your team will find it easier than ever to accurately record their time and expenses, helping them get paid sooner.

Logging time

Your team can clock in and out of a shift using the app.

Location verified

We’ll verify the GPS location of logs, helping you review.

Expenses managed

Your team can instantly send you mileage and expenses.

Female support worker clocking out of her shift using the ShiftCare mobile app
ShiftCare is an amazing communication tool for me as my head office is located 4 hours away. Documentation is a must. Very straightforward to use.

Care Notes

Record notes as it happens

We make record keeping and note taking simple, so teams can submit information while fresh in the mind.

Care notes on the go

Track what’s important and share.

Just talk into the app

Speak to text notes make it easy to document a shift.

Stay compliant

With everything documented, audits are stress-free.

Care and support worker using ShiftCare's text to speech function to record progress notes on her client
ShiftCare's app is really helpful. I can keep my shifts in order and take out my client notes easily. I highly recommend it!


Always in the know

The app keeps your team up-to-date on clients, shifts and availability.

Shift reminders

Notifications mean your team will never miss a shift.

Instant alerts

Be alerted of incidents or no-shows when they happen.


With leave logged in app and the ability to schedule multiple unavailability periods, you can plan ahead.

ShiftCare mobile app showing a worker's schedule with notifications for new shifts, upcoming shifts, and successful clock outs

HIPAA compliant

Ensure Security

All sensitive information is securely stored, giving agencies peace of mind that their information is safe and compliant with HIPAA regulations.


Any questions ?

Yes, the ShiftCare app can be downloaded on all popular smartphones like iPhone, Samsung and many others.

Read our mobile app guide if you need more information.

The app provides your team with up to the minute details of their schedule. They can use the app to access previous care notes and documents which have been shared with them.

The app allows your team to clock in and clock out from shifts, populating their timesheets with when they actually worked so you can compare the scheduled time when approving timesheets. The phone reports the GPS location coordinates against the shift address.

Absolutely. The ShiftCare App is designed to be flexible and scalable, making it suitable for care providing organizations of any size, from small independent carers to large care facilities. Its features are tailored to meet the diverse needs of the care sector, whether it’s managing a few clients or coordinating services across a larger network. The app's scalability ensures that as your organization grows, the software can adapt to your evolving needs.

This care app simplifies shift planning by providing up-to-date rosters, schedules, and availability directly on your mobile device. It allows care coordinators to instantly update teams on shifts, ensuring that all members are always informed and prepared for their upcoming responsibilities.

Yes, the ShiftCare App includes a time tracking feature that allows caregivers to clock in and out of shifts using the app. It verifies the GPS location of logs for accuracy and allows team members to easily manage and submit their mileage and expenses.

The ShiftCare App is a comprehensive mobile application designed for caregivers. Available on iOS and Android, it connects the entire team, coordinators, clients, and their families, facilitating easier and more personalized management of home care services. It includes features for planning shifts, accessing client details, and logging time and expenses, making it an essential tool for caregivers.


Discover more ShiftCare features.


Make it easier to manage your teams and organize shifts with our smart scheduling tools.

Care Management

Understand the unique needs of your clients and share with your team instantly.

Care Documentation

Vital documents and detailed care plan agreements can be set up and shared between caregivers.

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