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With a whole host of useful tools to help plan, manage and deliver care, we make it easy to welcome new clients and quickly build relationships with your caregivers.

Client profile on ShiftCare showing available funds, documents, contact details, and address

upload & share details

Share up-to-date documents

Keep your team in the loop by instantly uploading care plans, and ensure when they give support, they’re focusing on the right areas.

Female aged care worker on her phone accessing her client's care plans on her ShiftCare mobile app

detailed client profile

Know your clients in an instant

Collect the most important details about your clients and securely store them on our cloud-based software - accessible anywhere, anytime.


goal setting

Something to work towards

From tiny steps, to giant leaps, every client has a goal they’re working towards. ShiftCare helps your teams track and measure progress, and share it with clients’ families.

Young, blind girl with ShiftCare notification showing she has reached her goal in Level 4 Braille

Family access

Share with those that care

ShiftCare Connect creates a direct channel between your team and the people closest to their clients, helping them play an active role in their support, and make some decisions on their behalf.

Parents of client reading progress notes on their son's experience as a barista on his disability placement program

More Features

More ways we make client records management simple

Message logs

Access the communications history between your teams and your clients.

Update clients

Send instant messages to clients to update them on their schedules.

Private notes

Keep internal records of client preferences to help get teams up to speed.

Emergency contacts

Easily add key contacts for teams and carers so they’re only a call away.

Available anywhere

ShiftCare is available as an app on Google Play and the iOS App Store.

Secure data

All data is securely hosted with ShiftCare being fully HIPPA compliant.

Any questions ?

Client management is the process of coordinating an organization’s interactions with its clients. 
Home care agencies seek to make the process as efficient, simple and cost-effective as possible in order to focus on the clients and provide the highest quality care.

With the right care management system, a huge number of complications are avoided and processes simplified as the fully integrated platform tackles the hardest (most complicated) components.

  • Care Plans: Clients can have documents uploaded to their profiles and you can also set whether staff can access these documents

  • Care Notes: Caregivers can easily add care notes of the shift through ShiftCare App, thereby reducing paperwork clutter.

  • Client goals: Client goals can be added along with strategies, so workers can score progress on the strategies.

  • Track client’s communication: View all communications made by caregivers during shifts as well as any communications added by office staff within the organization.

  • Funds Management: Funds management is the management of the cashflow of a client. This will help providers to plan services for the clients and forecast the availability of funds.

  • Hours Management: Hours management is the management of the client's assigned hours. This will help service providers to plan services for the clients and forecast availability of hours.

  • Managing Scheduling: ShiftCare has designed its scheduling system from the bottom up and with the specific needs of the home care industry in mind.

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