Higher standards of care made simple.

From understanding the unique needs of your clients, to sharing their progress, we make managing their support simpler, more accountable and more stress-free.

Elderly male client's profile on ShiftCare showing his available funds, documents, name, and address


Welcome a new client

We make it easy to welcome new clients, ensuring a full understanding of their needs, management of their goals and establishing good relationships with their friends and family right from the start.

Upload care plans

Ensure your teams are focused on the right areas.

Goal setting

Help your teams track and measure client progress.

Family access

Enable clients’ loved ones to play an active role in their care.

Female aged care worker on her phone accessing her client's care plans on her ShiftCare mobile app
ShiftCare is an amazing communication tool for me as my head office is located 4 hours away. Documentation is a must. Very straightforward to use.

care notes

Easily track progress

Your caregivers are there to support clients as they work towards their goals. We make it easy for them to track progress and share it with the right people.

Notes on the go

Easily capture notes on a shift while fresh in the mind.

Custom templates

You decide what’s recorded on care notes.

Share progress

Instantly update teams and families on client progress.

Care and support worker using ShiftCare's text to speech function to record progress notes on her client
ShiftCare's app is really helpful. I can keep my shifts in order and take out my client notes easily. I highly recommend it!

Care Documentation

Move record-keeping online

Say goodbye to paperwork. Our smart document management system streamlines admin.

Cut overheads

With everything at your fingertips, you’ll save hours of admin time.

Don’t miss a thing

Set up automated alerts and reminders to keep you on track.

Stay compliant

Keep up with accreditations and documentation.

ShiftCare's document management function showing a female support worker's documents and their expiry dates and validity statuses
In audit and compliance, we've got everything now. If we have any query about what we're doing, it's just at the tip of a finger.

Any questions?

Care management software is a platform that helps healthcare organizations streamline their care management efforts. It is one central location to store all of your clients' information as well as your support workers' details. Important documents such as care plans or mandatory police checks are safely stored on a secure server and accessible from any connected device, at any time.

Care management software also allows you to store clients communications and care notes so that you can make sure to share the most relevant information with your staff.

Being compatible with mobiles, tablets, laptops and other devices, as an app, or online portal, Shiftcare's care management software is a smart set of digital tools, schedulers and workflow managers that help care and support workers get a clear overview of shifts, clients, and the work of their team members.
We also provide a clearer picture for friends and families of clients being offered support with ShiftCare Connect


Discover more ShiftCare features.


Make it easier to manage your teams and organize shifts with our smart scheduling tools.

Caregiver App

Put the power of shift planning and client management at your team’s fingertips.

ShiftCare Connect

Dedicated family portal to share important information with your clients' families & loved ones.

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