On-the-Go Efficiency: How Mobile Care Worker Apps Are Transforming Care Management

With a mobile care worker app, your team will have all the tools they need to provide exceptional care at their fingertips. And you’ll benefit from better communication and easier compliance.

5 Key Benefits of a Mobile Care Worker App 

1. Enhanced Quality of Care 

Caregiver apps allow your team to access the latest client care plans, notes and goals on the go, helping them to deliver more personalized disability support and aged care.

But that’s not the only way a mobile care worker app improves care quality standards. With tools like ShiftCare, you can reduce the likelihood of no-shows by setting up automated shift reminders. You’ll also be notified in real-time of any incident reports, allowing you to take immediate action.

2. Streamlined Daily Workflow 

A mobile app reduces the time your caregivers spend on paperwork and admin tasks. They can easily set their availability, bid on shifts and check their scheduling times and locations via ShiftCare. They won’t need to double-check their emails or call you to confirm a client’s address.

Once a caregiver has arrived at the client's location, ShiftCare will continue to streamline their workflow. They can clock in with a tap of their screen, use voice-to-text to create care notes and add documentation for on-shift expenses.

3. Real-Time Communication and Coordination 

When your support coordination software comes with a mobile care worker app, you won’t struggle to fill empty shifts or have to contend with disputes over whether a caregiver turned up for their shift. 

Instead, ShiftCare’s location-verified time-tracking means you’ll be instantly notified if a team member doesn’t clock into their shift. This will give you time to find out what’s gone wrong and arrange shift cover if required. 

Your support workers and caregivers can bid on shifts via the mobile app, making it easier than ever to effectively coordinate care services. With ShiftCare Connect, you can provide clients and their loved ones with regular updates on their scheduled services.

4. Guaranteed Compliance and Security 

Compliance is essential for home care agencies. The ShiftCare app helps you adhere to home care regulations. It does so through ensuring that caregivers can only access relevant information for their scheduled clients, providing geo-verified time tracking and allowing your team to collect client digital signatures.

5. Happier Care Staff

Your team of caregivers and support workers are pivotal to your business’s success, but caregiver recruitment and retention can be a challenge. Caregiver apps boost your team members’ job satisfaction levels by allowing them to bid on additional work, set their availability and access all the information they need on the go.

What Are the Must-Have Features in a Mobile Care Worker App?

A caregiver app can revolutionize your care management, but not all software packages are made equal. Make sure your app comes with these 11 essential features:

  • Caregiver availability and leave request management

  • A job board so that your team can bid on new shifts

  • An up-to-date view of the schedule

  • Push notifications for upcoming shifts

  • Secure client document access 

  • Location-verified time-tracking

  • Instant no-show and incident alerts for your admin team

  • Client digital signatures for enhanced shift verification

  • Care notes and incident reports

  • Speak-to-text technology

  • The option to upload expense documentation and mileage records

Make the Switch to Care Management Software with a Mobile App

ShiftCare’s care management software helps automate your admin and compliance work so you can spend less time on paperwork and more time on growing your business. It comes with a wide range of client plan management, staff management and business tools.

Plus, your care team can use the companion mobile app to set their availability, check their shifts, clock in and out, collect client digital signatures and add care notes on the go. And with ShiftCare Connect, your client’s loved ones will also be able to access care updates.

Discover how a mobile app can help your team deliver a higher standard of care. Try ShiftCare for free.

How much does a mobile care worker app cost?

The cost of a mobile care worker app can vary, but at ShiftCare, it’s bundled in with our care management software. Subscription rates start from $40/month.

Are mobile care worker apps easy to set up?

With ShiftCare’s self-onboarding package, you can set up your mobile care worker app in 10 minutes. Your caregivers will then receive an invite to download the app from the Google Play Store or App Store and set their password.

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