6 Ways Home Healthcare Agencies Can Find Staff and Keep Them

Rob Scott

Written on 5 July, 2022
As demand for care increases, experienced and competent staff are key to providing quality care. ShiftCare explores six ways home healthcare agencies can recruit and retain their best caregivers.

Labor shortages are one of the most pressing issues home healthcare agencies face right now, especially after recent global disruptions: the Great Resignation, the Covid-19 pandemic, inflation…

Healthcare is a growing industry, and demand for home healthcare is projected to continue growing steadily over the next few decades. With this comes an increasing need for additional staff members. 

It’s not enough to just hire new staff, however. Retaining existing team members is essential for keeping quality levels high and processes running smoothly. With that in mind, let’s explore how you can find and recruit new staff members.

Recruit from Diverse Sources

Having a range of options for recruiting staff will help you hire new caregivers quickly. You’ll soon discover that each avenue attracts different types of applicants, not to mention the differences in speed and effort. 

There is no shortage of platforms for advertising job listings. Here are some to choose from:

  • Job listing sites, such as Indeed, Monster, and Health Jobs Nationwide

  • Social media, from LinkedIn to Facebook groups

  • Recruitment agencies, especially local ones specialized in healthcare

  • Your company newsletter

  • Your company website; do you have a Careers page linked to from the footer or the main menu?

  • Word of mouth and referrals; don’t be afraid to ask your contacts to put you in touch with any caregivers they know of that are job-hunting

  • Ads in newspapers, radio programs, and Google results

Accept Job Applications All Year Round

Recruiting new staff can be a lengthy process, so any way to get a head-start is a good idea. Make sure candidates can apply for a position all year round, even when you’re not actively recruiting. That way, when you do need more staff, you’ll have a pile of resumes from capable caregivers already in your inbox. 

While some of them will no longer be looking for a job, others may be. It takes just one quick mail merge email to ask who from your pool of applicants is still interested.

To help you attract applications all year round, make sure you have an up-to-date Careers webpage with instructions on how to apply. You can also include the information in the bio of your social media profiles and at the bottom of your newsletters.

Review Your Recruitment Process

When recruiting, you’re not the only one evaluating whether this potential work relationship will work well. The candidates are also weighing up whether they want to work at your company, and chances are, they are being interviewed by multiple home healthcare agencies. 

Your recruitment process, therefore, has to convince caregivers to work for your company. Consider the process from a candidate’s point of view. Does it seem like your agency will be a pleasant place to work? Do you make it clear that caregivers will be valued and supported? Is the recruitment process transparent and reasonably straightforward, or is it unnecessarily bureaucratic and complicated?

Perhaps even more importantly, are the job listing and interviews an accurate representation of the role? A 2019 study found that 64% of new hires do not believe their jobs were “adequately reflected” in the initial job listing, something that became apparent during onboarding.

If you can improve your hiring process, you might find yourself signing on more staff with no extra work required on your end.

Create an Employee Referral System 

There’s no better advocate for your company than a satisfied employee. What’s more, most caregivers have plenty of contacts within the industry. By creating a referral system, you can attract applicants who are already convinced that your company is a good place to work.

When creating your referral system, make sure the process is simple. You will also need to decide whether to offer incentives and, if so, what they should be and when they are paid out. For example, you could say that the referral bonus is only paid out when the new hire has worked with the company for four months. 

Streamline Scheduling

Refining your scheduling processes won’t necessarily net you new staff members (although it might help you retain existing ones). However, it will enable you to make the most of the staff you already have. 

Improved scheduling can reduce absenteeism by taking into account staff members’ needs and preferences. Scheduling software will allow caregivers to input their preferred shift times and dates, as well as vacation requests. From there, you can view who is available and assign them to the appropriate care receivers.

A well-built schedule will also maximize the number of care receivers an employee can assist per shift without reducing the quality of care or amount of time in the home. Tools such as location matchers can also help you build more efficient shifts.

Reduce Turnover

Retaining experienced and competent caregivers is always better than recruiting new starters. Your existing team has organizational knowledge that you won’t want to lose, not to mention relationships of trust with care receivers.

To reduce turnover, focus on improving job satisfaction and tackling the causes of caregiver burnout .We’ve already mentioned the importance of scheduling. You should also ensure team members feel supported by the company and able to do their job well. Check that your pay rates are competitive, and that employees are happy with them, too.

Software That Will Help Keep Your Healthcare Staff Happy

The right staff will help your healthcare agency thrive, and the right tools will help keep your staff happy. Our software is designed to make your business run smoothly and your staff feel supported. 

ShiftCare has an intuitive scheduling system that allows team members to select their preferred work times, documentation management systems that ensure workers have everything they need for the shift, and more. Try ShiftCare for free today.

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