What Is the Best Home Care Software? 11 Deciding Factors

The best home care software will support you in providing a higher standard of care, reducing your running costs, and creating a better work experience for your caregivers and your admin team alike.

When shopping for the best home care software, you need to factor in available features, price points, potential for growth, ease of use, compliance, and more. That’s where we can help. Our checklist of 11 essential questions will give you a framework for comparing software solutions, so you can find the ideal package for your home care agency.

1. Is the software built with home care agencies in mind?

Generic business management software might allow you to schedule staff and create invoices, but care providers benefit from specialist software designed for the home care industry.

ShiftCare software is purpose-built for home care agencies. It’s easy to upload care plans, create and share nursing notes, track progress, and monitor caregiver certifications. 

2. Will it keep you HIPAA-compliant?

With ShiftCare’s HIPAA-compliant software, you can easily control access to clients’ private information. Your caregivers will be able to securely check and update client information on the go.

3. Does it come with tools for caregivers?

The ShiftCare app helps caregivers manage their work by letting them set when they're available, view schedules, access client details, and add care notes. It's simple to use, with features like voice-to-text for quicker note-taking and document templates for improved records. Your team can even attach mileage records and proof of expenses.

4. How easy is it to get started?

It takes just 10 minutes to create your home care business account and start scheduling client services. Our software will guide you through the process, but if you have any questions, help is also at hand. 

We’ve published in-depth video and text tutorials, plus you’ve got access to our live chat support and account managers.

5. Will the software facilitate communication with clients’ families?

The patient care experience is often significantly better when clients’ family members are involved, but this can prove challenging. ShiftCare Connect helps bridge the gap between care providers and clients' families. 

It allows approved loved ones to view scheduled services, care updates, and billing information, in addition to requesting extra services or specific caregivers. 

6. Will you be able to schedule quicker?

Scheduling can be time-consuming, so the best home care software will speed up the process while helping you create better shift plans. ShiftCare’s scheduler allows you to set up recurring and team shifts so you can save time. 

Drag-and-drop technology makes creating shifts easier, plus you can switch between the client and team rosters for the overview you need.

7. Does it give you control over sharing schedules with caregivers?

ShiftCare's Publish Shifts feature offers you complete control over when you share schedules with your caregivers. You can draft your schedules in advance and take the time you need to fine-tune them. Then when you’re ready, click publish. 

Doing so will instantly share the schedule via the caregiver mobile app, keeping your entire team on the same page.

8. Can your care team set their availability and bid on shifts?

Your caregivers can use the ShiftCare mobile app to specify their availability and bid on additional work. Use the built-in job board to add new shifts, choosing whether you want your entire team to be able to bid or just certain caregivers. 

You can also select whether you want ShiftCare to assign the shift to the first caregiver who applies or whether you’d prefer to manually review and approve bids.

9. Will the software auto-generate invoices?

The best home care software helps you simplify your accounting and invoicing processes. ShiftCare can auto-generate individual and bulk invoices based on your shift records. It will take into account timesheets, mileage, and expenses to create accurate invoices.

10. Does it have accounting and payroll integrations?

ShiftCare integrates with major accounting and payroll software so you can avoid copy-and-paste errors while continuing to use your existing systems.

11. As your agency grows, will the home care software continue to meet your needs?

Every agency has its own unique software requirements, which can change over time. That's why our home care management software comes with flexible subscription plans. You can choose the features you need right now and adjust your package as your needs evolve. Upgrading your plan or adding new users is straightforward. 

Identifying the Best Home Care Software for Your Needs

When selecting home care management software for your business, you can turn to online reviews and product comparison pages to get other people’s opinions. But there’s only one thing that really matters: is this software a good fit for your business? 

Our home care software is the first choice of thousands of home care agencies. But, we also offer a demo and free trial so you have complete confidence that it’s the best home care software for your business.

Try ShiftCare for free.

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