Choosing the Right Caregiver Mobile App: Features to Look For

A caregiver mobile app supports your staff while giving you the shift oversights you need. But if you want to see the biggest benefits, make sure it comes with these indispensable features.

Caregiver Mobile App: The Benefits for You and Your Team

The right caregiver app won’t just help you run your homecare agency more efficiently. It will also support caregivers and create a better client experience.

How Your Team Benefits from a Caregiver Mobile App 

With a caregiver app, your staff will have all the information they need at hand. They’ll be able to see their schedules, shift locations, and relevant client details on the go. Instead of scrolling through their emails, they can double-check key facts with a tap of their screen. 

Plus, they’ll lose less time to paperwork. They’ll be able to efficiently add care notes and incident reports, instantly submit verified timesheets, and digitally record mileage and expenses.

How a Caregiver App Makes Your Work Easier

Your homecare agency will also reap the benefits of a mobile app for caregivers. You’ll spend less time emailing staff, double-checking availability, and chasing up shift records. 

At the same time, you’ll improve your service quality by equipping your team with the resources they need to provide excellent care.

11 Essential Features of a Caregiver Mobile App

1. Availability 

With the ShiftCare mobile app, your care team can request leave dates and set their preferred shift times. The scheduler on your web app will automatically update so you can only schedule available caregivers.

2. Job Board 

The ShiftCare job board lets your caregivers pick up additional shifts, giving them greater control over their work-life balance. And, it helps you quickly find cover and add new clients to the schedule.

3. Schedule Viewer 

‘Once you’ve decided to click ‘Publish’ on your schedule, your team will be able to view their shifts in their caregiver mobile app. With ShiftCare, they can see not only their scheduled hours but also all the clients they’ve been assigned during each shift.

4. Shift Reminders

You can significantly reduce the likelihood of no-shows with ShiftCare’s automated alerts. Your caregiver team will receive a push notification from the mobile app reminding them of their upcoming shifts, as well as any shift changes.

5. HIPAA-Compliant Sharing of Client Details 

With ShiftCare’s HIPAA-compliant app for caregivers, your team will only be able to view relevant patient information for the clients they’ve been assigned. You can set different access levels for each document, ensuring that information is only accessible on a need-to-know basis.

6. Add Care Notes 

Your staff will be able to add care notes directly from the ShiftCare caregiver mobile app. You can also create custom care note templates for your team for better quality control.

7. Voice-to-Text

The voice-to-text feature in the ShiftCare caregiver app allows your staff to say their care notes out loud, rather than type them. This is especially handy when caregivers have their hands full but want to record accurate and timely care notes, such as when they’re administering medicine. 

8. Expenses and Mileage 

By asking your caregivers to add mileage and upload expense documentation via the ShiftCare mobile app, you can reduce the likelihood of human error. And, your team can rest assured that they’ll receive the correct mileage reimbursement.

9. Time-Tracking 

Manual time-tracking is prone to inaccuracies, plus collecting the data can be a lengthy process. And that’s assuming your staff members don’t forget to log their start time or submit their record. A mobile app for caregivers removes this problem by allowing your team to tap in and out of their shifts. 

Plus, ShiftCare’s mobile app will automatically alert your back-office team to unsuccessful clock-ins and clock-outs so you can take immediate action. Whether your caregiver has forgotten to sign in or they’re a shift no-show, your homecare agency won’t be caught off guard.

10. Location Verification 

With ShiftCare’s location verification built into your caregiver mobile app’s time-tracking feature, you’ll have an ironclad digital record. 

11. Client Digital Signatures 

Client digital signatures provide the highest level of confidence. With the ShiftCare app for caregivers, your team can collect clients’ digital signatures for an indisputable shift verification.

Software That Supports Caregivers, Clients & Agencies Alike

ShiftCare’s home care software gives you and your caregivers the tools you need to deliver exceptional care. Your back-office team can use it to roster staff, invoice, manage client documentation, and more. 

The ShiftCare mobile app for caregivers allows your team to set their availability, securely view client details, clock in for their shifts, and add care notes. And the ShiftCare Connect web portal helps you communicate with clients’ approved loved ones, whether they’re a family caregiver or a concerned relative living in a different state.

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