How to Start a Home Care Business in Indiana (2024 Guide)

Heather Pollock

Written on 29 December, 2023
Starting a home care agency in Indiana? This is your guide to the state specific requirements, licensing, recruiting and marketing strategies to succeed in the growing home care industry.

Disclaimer: This guide is for starting a home care business in Indiana, not a home health care business, as the regulations differ. The information provided should be taken as educational, not legal advice. Please consult with a licensed consultant or a legal professional for accurate, personalized advice when starting your home care business. Laws and regulations can change and may vary depending on your specific circumstances. Always perform thorough due diligence.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to start a home care business in Indiana. With an ever-changing landscape in healthcare and an increasingly diverse population, the Hoosier State offers a plethora of opportunities for budding home care entrepreneurs like you. 

The purpose of this guide is to break down the process of establishing a home care agency, simplifying it into easy-to-follow steps. From understanding the nuances of the industry in Indiana to practical tips for growing your business, we aim to be your go-to resource. So let’s get started on everything you need to know to start a home care business in the state of Indiana.


Begin with this Essential Guide: Launching a Home Care Business

Before diving into Indiana-specific guidelines, it's advisable to first read our In-Depth Guide to Starting a Home Care Business. This foundational guide offers essential insights that are relevant across various states, helping you better understand the nuances involved in setting up a home care business in Indiana.

Understanding Home Care in Indiana

The better you understand the home care industry in Indiana, the smoother your business launch will be.

The Benefits of Starting a Home Care Agency in Indiana

Older adults already represent 26% of central Indiana’s population, and their population size is increasing more than five times faster than that of younger adults. As Indiana’s population ages, more and more Indiana residents will turn to a home care agency to help them continue living independently.

On top of this, one in five people in Indiana currently live with a disability — and nationwide, that number is growing.

Do this first

It’s important to note that in most states, the first step to starting a business is selecting a business name. The State of Indiana is no exception. Part of this process is ensuring that the name you have chosen isn’t already being used by another business. In order to determine this, you will need to conduct a name availability check. 

For more information on how to conduct the name search and the guidelines for choosing a unique business name, visit the Indiana Secretary of State’s starting a new business guide.


Do I Need Home Care Training in Indiana to Get a Home Care License in Indiana?

You do not need home care training to obtain an Indiana home care license, also known as a personal services agency license. However, hiring trained staff will help you deliver better quality care.

Before You Try to Get a Home Care License in Indiana, Be Sure It's the Right License

No matter what type of home care you provide, you’ll need a license in Indiana. However, the services you offer will dictate the type of license you should apply for. The main licenses are:

Personal Services Agency License

The Indiana Department of Health licenses personal care services agencies to provide:

  1. Attendant care services

  2. Homemaker services, “including housekeeping, shopping, laundry, meal planning and preparation, and cleaning” 

  3. Companion services, such as fellowship, care, and transportation 

Home Health Agency License

With this license, agencies are able to provide “nursing services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, medical social worker, home health aide, and other therapeutic services.”

Before applying for your license, make sure you know if your care services make you a home health business or a non-medical home care business in Indiana.

Establishing the Foundation for Your Indiana Home Care Business

Before delving into the specifics of opening a home care business, it's crucial to lay a firm foundation. These initial steps will guide you from your unique selling proposition to the business structure and first-time setup.


Pinpointing Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Your USP, or Unique Selling Proposition, is what sets your home care business apart from the rest. This could be a specialized service you provide, in-depth expertise in a particular area, or even your unique approach to patient care. Think about what sets your business apart. It might be the specialized training your staff receives or the variety of services you offer. Your USP is crucial in attracting clients and differentiating you from competitors. For more guidance on what a USP is and how to start to develop one for your home care agency, read this article

Deciding on Your Indiana Home Care Business's Tax Structure (Inc vs. LLC)

The next stage involves choosing the appropriate legal structure for your home care business. Whether you opt for an Incorporated (Inc) entity or a Limited Liability Company (LLC) will influence taxation, personal liability, and business operations. Consulting with a business advisor or attorney is advisable to understand which structure suits your situation best. Indiana’s Secretary of State’s new business guide can serve as a resourceful starting point.

Officially Launching Your Home Care Business in Indiana

After you've identified your USP and decided on a legal structure, it's time to officially establish your business. This entails registering your business with the state of Indiana, acquiring a Federal Tax ID, and securing the needed licenses and permits. For specific details on permits and licenses, Indiana's Business One Stop Portal can be an invaluable resource. Consulting with a legal expert in business matters can also ensure you're in full compliance with laws and regulations.

Setting Up Your Operational Hub

Your operations center, or headquarters, is crucial. This is where you'll handle administrative duties, train your staff, conduct meetings, and more. The location you choose should be convenient, professional, and spacious enough to accommodate your team.

Technical requirements like reliable internet access, essential office machinery, and specialized software for tasks such as appointment setting, payroll, and client record-keeping are also crucial. The Indiana Small Business Development Center can provide further guidance in establishing your operations hub.

Is an Office Necessary for Your Indiana Home Care Business?

While much of your team will be working at client homes, having a designated office can offer several advantages. It adds professionalism when holding staff meetings or client consultations and aids in day-to-day administrative functions. Whether you need an office could depend on the size of your business and the types of services you offer. Some jurisdictions in Indiana may even mandate an office for licensing purposes. It’s always a good idea to check your State Government website and the Indiana Department of Health.  

Creating Your Business Plan

A well-conceived business plan serves as your home care business's operational roadmap. It should encompass your business objectives, strategies for meeting them, your marketing agenda, and financial projections.

This document is not only a guide for your operations but is also indispensable if you're considering external funding options. Your business plan should contain elements such as an executive summary, company overview, market research, organizational structure, services, marketing strategy, and financial projections. The U.S. Small Business Administration provides a thorough guide to creating a business plan.

Remember, your business plan isn't a static document; it will need revisiting and updating as your business evolves.

Setting Up the Legal and Financial Structure


Register Your Business 

The first step in bringing your Indiana home care business to life should be choosing its name and registering it with the Secretary of State. You can do this via the INBiz portal.

Obtaining Your Tax ID and EIN Number to Start Your Home Care Business

Until you’ve got your tax ID numbers, you won’t be able to obtain your agency licenses, hire employees, or sell services. Start by applying for your federal Employer Identification Number (EIN). If you do this via the IRS website, your EIN will be issued immediately. Next, register for an Indiana Tax Identification Number via INBiz.

Insuring Your Home Care Business in Indiana

Buying insurance is an essential step in starting a home care business in Indiana. When picking your policy, pay close attention to what it covers. The Indiana Department of Insurance publishes resources that will help you evaluate different providers.

Indiana Home Care Policies and Procedures

Indiana state regulations for home health care are available on the Department of Health website. They should be reviewed carefully before you begin business. Pay particularly close attention to the Personal Services Agency Statute (IC-16-27-4)

Obtaining Licenses and Permits

Without the right licenses and permits, you won’t be able to legally operate in Indiana. 

Home Care License Requirements in Indiana

Before providing any home care services, you’ll need to apply for your personal services agency license. Remember that this only licenses you to provide non-medical care services. If you also want to provide home healthcare and nursing services, you must apply for a home health agency license.

Obtaining an Indiana Home Care License

Submit the Application for License to Operate a Personal Services Agency (State Form 53391) along with your $250 license fee via mail to the Indiana Department of Health. You’ll need to include your policies and procedures in the application. You can read the official state guidance for this here.

Obtain Local Business Licensure and Prepare to Open Your Home Care Business

Indiana has a variety of business licenses for different company structures, cities and counties, and more. The state government publishes details of most business licenses online, so make sure to carefully review the information and apply for any relevant licenses and permits.

Recruiting Your Caregiver Team

The backbone of your home care business in Indiana will be your team of caregivers or care aides. Your team will be offering vital services to clients and representing your home care brand within the community. Focus on developing a clear and consistent recruitment strategy, spend time fine-tuning your new caregiver onboarding process and ensuring your team is well-trained and properly certified. 


Recruiting and Educating Your Team of Non-Medical and Medical Aides

Hiring the right people starts with identifying candidates who are not only skilled but also have a genuine passion for caregiving. Look for individuals who are trustworthy, compassionate, and capable of multitasking.

You can find potential hires through job boards, local newspaper ads, or even healthcare-related career fairs. Consider collaborating with local educational institutions that offer courses in home care for potential recruits.

Once your team is in place, the focus shifts to training. This should cover role-specific skills, your company's policies, and compliance with Indiana state regulations. In Indiana, home care aides must adhere to certain training standards, which you can familiarize yourself with via the Indiana State Department of Health.

Caregiver recruiting can be a full-time job in itself! But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Bookmark our Comprehensive Guide to Caregiver Recruitment to read next.

Staffing and Payroll Management in Indiana

After successfully recruiting your team, you'll need to establish your payroll procedures. This means deciding on salary structures, creating a payment timetable, and accurately withholding taxes.

Using payroll software or outsourcing to a payroll service can simplify this crucial task. If you prefer to handle payroll internally, ensure you're aware of Indiana’s particular regulations concerning wage laws and tax withholdings. Resources from the Indiana Department of Labor can be invaluable for this purpose.

Legal errors in staffing and payroll can be expensive, so it's advisable to consult with an HR expert or an employment attorney to make sure you're abiding by all relevant laws and best practices.

Marketing and Expansion Ideas

Getting your Indiana home care business up and running is merely the initial phase. What comes next is promoting your home care services and finding clients. Here are some tips and advice for marketing your agency to grow your brand awareness.

Promoting Your Home Care Services

Effective marketing is crucial for reaching your target demographics and standing out in a competitive environment.

may include crafting a solid online presence, leveraging partnerships within the local community, and using referral sites and advertising - both online and possibly other more traditional methods. 

Quick tip: don’t assume online advertising only involves paid ads with the likes of Facebook or Google. For example, did you know that setting up a Google My Business account for your home care agency is free and easy? 

But, marketing your home care business in Indiana goes beyond simply advertising your services. It requires a deep understanding of your prospective home care clients' needs, a strong brand, and a coherent, actionable marketing plan that ties all these elements together. Don’t think you need to get these all right as soon as you start, keep in mind that these strategies will evolve as your business grows and evolves. 

Given that marketing is a fairly significant aspect to growing a successful home care agency, we’ve compiled an in-depth guide on the subject. We strongly recommend reading our Comprehensive Guide to Marketing Your Home Care Business for practical tips and advice on attracting and keeping clients, increasing your local visibility, and staying competitive.

Professional Help and Resources

Indiana Department of Health

The Division of Home and Community Based Care is responsible for licensing and certification programs for home health agencies, home health aides, personal care services agencies, mobile out-of-state health care entities, hospice agencies, and end-stage renal disease facilities (ESRD). 

Indiana Association for Home and Hospice Care

The Indiana Association for Home and Hospice Care (IAHHC) specializes in advocacy and educational resources for personal services agencies, home health agencies, nursing agencies, and hospices.

Indiana Small Business Development Center

The Indiana Small Business Development Center (SBDC) provides a range of free resources to support entrepreneurs in launching and growing their small businesses.

Indiana State INBiz 

The Indiana State Government’s INBiz website provides a new small business roadmap that covers everything from how to start a business, different legal entities, managing a business, registrations and more.

Indiana Home Care Consultants

Home care consultants can provide targeted support to help you start your home care business, from achieving your home care agency license to improving your profit margins. 


What licenses do I need to start a home care business in Indiana?

To start a home care business in Indiana, you need a personal services agency license and any relevant business licenses. Alternatively, if you also plan to offer healthcare services, you’ll need a home health agency license.  

How do I get an Indiana home care license?

To get an Indiana home care license, also known as a personal services agency license, submit the Application for License to Operate a Personal Services Agency (State Form 53391).

How much is a home care license in Indiana?

An Indiana home care license costs $250.

Do you need a license to be a private caregiver in Indiana?

Private caregivers must pass a state-approved training program and then apply for certification through the Indiana State Department of Health. Caregivers must also have a criminal background check before they can begin working in Indiana.

Do I need a business license for a home-based business in Indiana?

Most Indiana home-based businesses will require a license. However, requirements vary by city and county so make sure to check the official government website for your location.

How do I become a home care provider in Indiana?

To become a home care provider in Indiana, obtain your personal services agency license, register your business, ensure you comply with state regulations, and begin marketing your services. For more information on licenses and certifications visit the Indiana Department of Health website.

How much do home care providers get paid in Indiana?

Home care providers’ earnings often fluctuate in line with their business’ profits. Many agency owners pay themselves a set salary plus dividends, but you can choose to do an owner’s draw instead.

Can a non-resident start a business in Indiana?

Non-residents can start a business in Indiana by appointing an in-state Indiana Registered Agent and filing a Foreign Registration Statement with the Secretary of State, either by mail, in person, or online via INBiz.

How long does it take to get a business license in Indiana?

The Indiana state website advises applying for your business license at least 60, but no more than 90, days before you need it.

Final Thoughts on Starting Your Home Care Business in Indiana 

Good preparation will set your Indiana home care business up for success. Make sure you have a detailed business plan, hire a talented team, and familiarize yourself with the Indiana Personal Services Agency Statute. The effort will pay off, as you launch a thriving business that supports older Americans and people with disabilities in achieving a better quality of life.

To learn more about starting your home care business, we strongly recommend reading our Comprehensive Guide to Starting a Successful Home Care Business.

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