Comprehensive SCHADS Award Guide for ShiftCare Users

Stay compliant with the "Comprehensive SCHADS Award Guide for ShiftCare Users"

Co-authored with the expertise of Garth Belic from PayCat, this ebook will be your new 'cheat sheet' to the complicated and often misunderstood SCHADS Award.

The SCHADS Award is a crucial regulation outlining employment conditions for social and community services workers, including the home care and disability sectors.

But it's also complicated and confusing!

This guide provides an easy-to-understand outline of the award and exactly what you need to know as a care provider.

What you'll find inside:

  • Who this award applies to

  • Breakdown of the different sectors and types of employment

  • Key definitions for commonly used phrases like broken shifts

  • The SCHADS classification structure

  • A full breakdown of all allowances and reimbursements

  • Overtime and penalty rates

  • and much more!

Don't spend any more time worrying about correctly understanding the SCHADS award!

Get all your SCHADS related questions answered inside this ebook.

Download the free guide

The Comprehensive SCHADS Award Guide

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