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Your all-in-one NDIS software, ShiftCare can help you streamline the delivery of services, boosting efficiency, improving cashflow and resulting in a higher standard of care.

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NDIS Rostering

Set up and manage shifts

Our NDIS software makes it easy to organise and manage your NDIS support care. One simple dashboard gives you a complete overview of your team’s availability, making it easy to assign the right people to clients.

Disability service provider getting notification for a new shift on ShiftCare NDIS Software and mobile app

NDIS Client management

Deliver a higher standard of care

With all your client information in one place, accessible anywhere, we make it easier for you and your teams to deliver highly personalised support to clients and their families through the NDIS using our software.

Woman in wheelchair and her downloadable documents and plans under ShiftCare's client document management system

NDIS Invoicing

Simplify book-keeping

With NDIS bulk invoicing, billing, timesheets and expenses all integrated into Shiftcare, you’ll spend less time on paperwork, while being confident in your finances.

Bulk invoicing option for multiple clients leading to NDIA portal with ShiftCare

Progress Notes

Easy access. Simple updates

Care management made simple as you can easily update plans, client notes, upload documents and share progress in minutes via the ShiftCare app. With all of this linked to appointments, teams can be up to date and prepared, as soon as their shift begins.


Companion App

Empower your teams

ShiftCare's companion app makes it easy for teams to securely access and share NDIS client information and progress notes, manage shifts, clock-in and instantly submit expenses for faster payment.

Female disability worker on her phone getting a notification and client details for a new shift from the ShiftCare app

NDIS Compliance

Less stress at audit time

NDIS audits needn't be stressful. Our NDIS software makes it easier to stay compliant, with documents always up to date, reports and notes instantly logged and proof of delivery, making it easy to match invoices to support given.

Young girl with disability and her payment request table on ShiftCare showing time and dates, staff, time, shift type, and NDIS-integrated costs

Disability Provider Story

Growing a disability service not-for-profit whilst homeschooling is possible.

Balancing homeschooling and online business management, here’s how Vanessa Shambrook smoothed out operations at 'Empowered To Care' and helped the not-for-profit to grow 600% in six months.

ShiftCare has kept us sane because all the information we need is there. It's all in one place now. It's a lot easier to find client documents than when there were bits of information everywhere.

Need more information about NDIS Software?

A NDIS management software is a tool used by Australian disability service providers to optimise their business processes. The main benefit of an NDIS software is its alignment with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) compliance requirements. Overall, it helps disability service providers manage operations, improve workflow, and streamline areas like staff activity, client care, and financials. Common features on a management platform like this include NDIS-integrated claims and invoicing, client record management, rostering functions, and access to client budget and care plans.

Registered NDIS service providers in states and territories where the NDIS Commission operates must:

  • Comply with the conditions of registration 

  • Demonstrate compliance with the NDIS Practice Standards for relevant registration groups 

  • Comply with the NDIS Code of Conduct

  • Have an in-house complaints management and resolution system to record and manage any complaints received

  • Have an in-house incident management system

  • Fulfil worker screening requirements

  • Meet the behaviour support requirements, including reporting the use of restrictive practices

A good NDIS software can help service providers streamline many time-consuming processes such as rostering, billing, invoicing, and claim requests to the NDIS. They can also help efficiently manage client services, help you stay on track for NDIS compliance requirements, and save time on keeping up-to-date with the annual cost structure changes. It is an end-to-end solution that any leading provider would benefit from.

If you're on a hunt for a software like this, look no further! ShiftCare's all in one platform offers all these key benefits and more. From smart scheduling to support plans & client budgets management, our software streamlines operations and equips disability service providers with the right tools to boost their productivity and service delivery.

To best support our customers, we offer live chat which is available during business hours, 24/7 Help Resources and complimentary webinars for your team members or to help onboard your new employees.

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 NDIS software provides numerous benefits to disability service providers, such as:

     - Efficient Client Management: The software centralises client information, support plans, and progress tracking, making it easier to deliver personalised services.

     - Budget Tracking and Compliance: Providers can monitor NDIS funding allocations, expenditures, and adherence to price guides, ensuring financial compliance.

     - Streamlined Invoicing and Payments: The software automates billing and invoicing processes, leading to accurate and timely payment processing.

     - Enhanced Support Coordination: NDIS software facilitates better care coordination among support workers, improving service delivery.

     - Comprehensive Reporting: Providers can generate necessary reports for compliance and auditing purposes, helping them meet NDIS guidelines effectively.

NDIS software caters to all disability service providers, including sole traders and small businesses. Many software solutions offer scalable options that can accommodate providers of varying sizes. Such platforms are user-friendly and designed to meet the specific needs of smaller organisations, ensuring they can efficiently manage their NDIS-related tasks without the burden of complex systems.

Absolutely! NDIS software includes features that enable providers to monitor participant progress and goals effectively. Support workers can update and track clients' achievements and milestones through the software's centralised platform. This information aids in the creation of progress reports and helps providers deliver more targeted and outcome-driven services to NDIS participants.

NDIS software streamlines support coordination by providing a collaborative platform where support workers, coordinators, and participants can communicate and share important information. It simplifies coordinating services, setting goals, and tracking progress. Additionally, the software allows support coordinators to monitor NDIS budgets and ensure that funds are appropriately allocated to specific services, maximising the efficiency of the support coordination process.

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