Book-keeping just got easier.

With invoicing, billing, timesheets and expenses all integrated into ShiftCare, you’ll spend less time on paperwork while being confident in your finances.

NDIS Ready

Simplifying the NDIS

Every client is different, which can make navigating the NDIS and its pricing complex. We make it easy.

Up-to-date pricing

NDIS pricing is auto-updated, so you’ll always be charging the right amount.

Bulk claims

Batch invoices together in a single automated claim.

Always compliant

Services are matched to agreements, so should you be audited, it all adds up.

NDIS Ready Software - Import NDIS Price Guide - ShiftCare
ShiftCare is fantastic, it is a wonderful asset to the business and staff is always very helpful.

Accounting integration

Plug in your accounting software

ShiftCare integrates with most leading accounting software, so you’re good to go on first install.

Approve timesheets

Automate approvals for instant processing.

Instant invoicing

Save time by generating bulk invoices.

Expenses managed

Your team can instantly send you mileage and expenses.

I just wanted to say thank you for all the guidance and assistance you have provided with regards to syncing the ShiftCare timesheets report to Xero.

Cashflow management

Finance made simple

Stay on top of your payments and improve your cashflow thanks to accurate reporting into the health of your business.

Billing report

Get an overview of billable services over a set timeframe

Match delivery

Compare services delivered against those invoiced.

Performance reporting

Get a deeper understanding of earnings, with insights and analysis at the touch of a button.

ShiftCare provides a framework to allow you to pretty much grow. Each month, we’re still growing and ShiftCare just mops up all that growth.

Any questions?

You can easily export your invoices in both MYOB and Xero formats for simple account reconciliation. If you do not use these packages, you can also download invoice data in CSV format for use with other compatible applications.

Yes! Bulk Invoicing is ideal for when you have a lot of clients to bill for multiple shifts, such as at the end of a billing cycle. Use our Bulk Invoice wizard to quickly create and send invoices to all of your clients.

Yes, each client can have additional contacts to whom bills are sent.

Yes, the invoices will provide a breakdown of the shift times as well as the service cost and any relevant reference code.

ShiftCare integrates seamlessly with Xero, KeyPay/Quickbooks, and MYOB AccountsRight.


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