Funds, budgets and forecasting. Sorted.

Now you can be sure your service delivery is always on track, and on budget.

Track spending

Stay in the know

Stay up to date with client plans by tracking spending in real-time. You can review forecasts at any time and make adjustments to future services based on current spending.


Don’t run on empty

You’ll be alerted as soon as a clients’ fund runs out, giving you time to find a solution without running up unbillable hours.

Track multiple funds

Track spending across funds

When a client has funds from multiple sources (such as the NDIS and a Home Care Package), you can easily track your spending for each type


Plan for what’s ahead

You can access a forecast at any time and make adjustments to future services based on current spending.

Any Questions ?

Funds management is the management of the cashflow of a client. This will help providers to plan services for the clients and forecast the availability of funds. ShiftCare provides regular reports and identified overspend or underspend of funds. 

  • Core: A support that assists with activities of daily living.

  • Capital: A support for an investment, such as assistive technologies; equipment and home or vehicle modifications; or funding for capital costs.

  • Capacity building:  A support that helps build independence and skills. Common examples are help with personal care activities and/or household tasks, home and vehicle modifications, transport, support to find and keep a job, therapeutic supports, health-related supports.

Plan manager should provide regular reports and statements of funds to participant directly. With the help of ShiftCare, a plan manager identifies overspend or underspend, and can advise participant with their funds status on the regular basis. 

A Support Coordinator supports participants to understand and implement the funded supports in the plan and link participant to community, mainstream and other government services. With ShiftCare, support coordinator can not only keep the track of booked services but also invoice participants for their services.

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