Manage NDIS compliance, all in one place.

Simplify your NDIS audits and prioritise what matters most. Our software streamlines compliance, giving you more time for what's important.


Effortlessly control confidentiality.

Optimise your NDIS business with enhanced document and note visibility. Safeguard sensitive data by restricting access to authorised individuals, ensuring privacy and security. ShiftCare prioritises the security and privacy of information by adhering strictly to the Australian Privacy Principles (APP), with all data, including backups, exclusively managed within Australia.



Save hours of admin time.

Automated reminders keep your team on top of regulatory requirements and document validity. Never miss a beat and ensure timely renewals with customisable alerts for expiring compliance documents.

Incident Reports

Maintain comprehensive records.

Stay compliant and up-to-date by ensuring incidents are documented in real time. Customisable headings ensure your team captures all the critical information in a quick and easy to access format.


Keep your data secure.

Stress less at audit time, by securely storing and protecting your information in one place. We implement stringent measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your client data. Rest easy knowing we've got your back.

Effortless Invoicing

NDIS payments made simple

ShiftCare simplifies the NDIS payment process by integrating the latest NDIS pricing, allowing bulk claim submissions to reduce administrative time, and ensuring compliance through easy tracking of service agreements and invoices.

Read up on compliance

Free Compliance Ebook.

Meeting the requirements of the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission can be challenging due to strict standards and audits every 18 months. If you’re looking for practical ways to ensure your business meets its compliance requirements, this ebook is for you.


Discover more ShiftCare features.

Care Management

Understand the unique needs of your clients and share with your team instantly.


Make it easier to manage your teams and organise shifts with our smart rostering tools.


Manage invoicing in one easy to use place. Bulk bill and make accounting simple.

Any Questions?

NDIS compliance refers to meeting the standards and requirements set by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. It's crucial for care providers to ensure they provide safe, effective, and client-focused services. Compliance involves adhering to policies, procedures, and practices that align with NDIS guidelines, ensuring the rights and well-being of clients are upheld.

ShiftCare simplifies the NDIS audit process by organizing and managing all compliance-related documents and records in one place. It features automated reminders for regulatory requirements, document validity, and customisable alerts for expiring compliance documents, which helps in maintaining up-to-date records and reduces the administrative burden during audits.

ShiftCare prioritises client data privacy and security by implementing stringent measures such as restricted access control, secure data storage, and encryption. These measures ensure that sensitive client information is accessible only to authorised individuals, maintaining both privacy and compliance with NDIS regulations.

ShiftCare provides a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for incident reporting. The software allows for real-time documentation of incidents with customisable headings to capture critical information efficiently. This feature ensures that care providers maintain thorough records, crucial for NDIS compliance and quality care delivery.

Yes, ShiftCare simplifies the NDIS payment process by integrating the latest NDIS pricing, supporting bulk claim submissions, and tracking service agreements and invoices. This functionality not only reduces administrative time but also ensures compliance, making the invoicing and payment process seamless and efficient.

ShiftCare strictly adheres to Australian Privacy Principles, ensuring all health record data, including backups, is securely managed within Australia. Our platform safeguards your business by meeting national data sovereignty and residency laws.

ShiftCare provides a secure communication channel compliant with Australian Privacy Principles that is typically used to track client progress and upload notes. Our dedicated platform protects sensitive health information and your business from compliance risks.

ShiftCare streamlines data management within Australian data residency laws, reducing compliance risks. Our tools for scheduling, client management, and secure communication save significant time, letting you focus more on client care.

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