A Guide for Understanding Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Indiana

Caoimhe Walsh

Written on 16 May, 2024
Electronic visit verification (EVV) is mandatory for home health and home care in Indiana. But while EVV is designed to improve care services, it can also be stressful and confusing for many providers.

Keep reading as we answer the most common questions about EVV in Indiana, from exactly what your caregiver team needs to do through to handling technical issues.

What Is EVV and Why Is It Required in Indiana? 

Electronic visit verification (EVV) is a digital record demonstrating that a caregiver was in the correct location for a scheduled care service. It includes six pieces of data:

  1. The date of the client care service

  2. The start and end time of the client care service 

  3. The location of the client care service

  4. The caregiver or medical professional providing the client care service

  5. The type of client care service

  6. The client receiving the care service

When the 21st Century Cures Act was passed in 2016, it meant that EVV would shortly become a federal requirement. Although Indiana was able to delay its rollout through a Good Faith Exemption, EVV in Indiana became mandatory for home care in 2021 and home health care in January 2024.

What Services Are Covered under Indiana's EVV Requirements?

In Indiana, EVV must be collected when providing Medicaid services, in-home personal care services, and home health services.

Some of the services that fall under these categories include:

  • Personal care services: bathing, toileting, dressing, and food preparation

  • Home health services: skilled nursing, physiotherapy, speech-language therapy, and occupational therapy

How Does EVV Work for Home Care Providers in Indiana?

All home care and home healthcare providers in Indiana must sign up for an EVV system. You can choose between the free Indiana EVV system, offered through Sandata, or an approved alternate EVV system. 

If you sign up with the Indiana EVV system, you’ll receive self-paced training before you begin using it. Alternatively, if you opt for an alternate system, you’ll have to complete testing via Sandata.

To begin using your EVV system, you’ll need to register your client and employee details. Once you’ve done that, your team of caregivers can then begin clocking in and out of individual care services via a mobile app or telephone call.

What Are the Penalties for Non-Compliance with EVV in Indiana?

If your home care agency does not comply with EVV, you will be unable to receive Medicaid payments. 

When EVV was first introduced in Indiana, some leeway was given. However, the Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) began denying non-EVV-compliant claims for personal care services on January 1, 2023.

How Can I Resolve Issues if My EVV Device Doesn't Show the Correct Location or if I Start My Shift at a Different Location?

Previously, if a caregiver’s EVV device didn’t show the correct location, you had to manually correct or create the visit entry in the Sandata EVV system. However, that is no longer the case.

In August 2021, Indiana removed the EVV record exception for GPS Distance. This means that claims will no longer be denied for small variations in GPS data.

What Should I Do if I Encounter Technical Issues with the EVV System?

If technical issues are preventing your team from correctly submitting EVV data, you need to take quick action. While you can create and correct manual visit entries on the Indiana EVV web portal, it’s highly discouraged.

If you’re using the Indiana EVV system, call 800-457-4584 and press option 5 for support. If you’re using an alternate system, you should first contact your vendor.

Home Care Agency Software that Puts Care Quality First

EVV verifies that care services were delivered, but there’s so much more involved in ensuring care quality.

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Does EVV track your location at all times?

No EVV system should track a caregiver’s location at all times. The Indiana EVV system will record your location data only at the start and end of the shift.

How much is a EVV?

EVV is free if you use the Indiana state system. However, if you decide to use a third-party EVV system, you may need to pay a subscription fee for it.

What is an aggregator with EVV?

An EVV aggregator is a database that validates, stores, and securely transfers EVV data. It’s how Indiana enables care providers to use third-party EVV systems: the aggregator combines the data from all approved systems before sharing it with Medicaid and other payers.

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