Understanding Non-Medical Home Care Licenses in Ohio

Caoimhe Walsh

Written on 5 July, 2024
Applying for your non-medical home care license is an essential step in starting a home care business in Ohio. Here’s everything you need to know.

Does Your Home Care Business Need a License?

The Ohio Department of Health requires home care and home health businesses to be licensed if they are either:

  1. An agency or business

  2. A non-agency provider, which the state defines as a self-employed person providing direct care themselves to more than two people simultaneously 

This means that when you first start your home care business, you may have a little leeway to operate without a license. This can give you space to grow your newly launched company. 

However, as you sign on more clients or employ caregivers, you’ll need to apply for your Ohio home care license.

Bear in mind that it can take time for non-medical licenses to be issued. The Department of Health recommends allowing 90 days for this process. Operating without the correct license is a criminal offense, so make sure to send in your application early.

Ohio Home Care Licenses Explained 

The Ohio Department of Health offers two types of home care licenses: the Skilled Home Health Services license and the Non-Medical Home Health Services license.

If you provide skilled nursing, specialist therapies, or medical social services, you’ll apply for the Skilled Home Health Services license.

Most Ohio home care agencies, however, will need to apply for the Non-Medical Home Health Services license instead. This covers home health aide services and personal care services, which the state department defines as:

Home health aide services:

  • Hands-on bathing or assistance with tub or shower

  • Assistance with dressing, toileting, and ambulation

  • Catheter care, but not insertion

  • Meal preparation and feeding

Personal care services:

  • Hands-on assistance with activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living, when incidental to assistance with activities of daily living

  • Assistance managing the individual’s home and handling personal affairs

  • Assistance with self-administration of medications

  • Homemaker services such as cleaning, mail, and laundry

  • Respite services for the individual’s caregiver

  • Errands completed outside of the presence of the individual, such as picking up prescriptions and groceries

If you want to provide Medicare-funded services, you’ll need to apply for a separate certification in addition to your Non-Medical Home Health Services license. And, your home health aides will also have to be certified.

How to Get Your Ohio Non-Medical Home Care License

You can apply for your non-medical home care license electronically or by mail.

Online applications should be done through the Ohio Department of Health Gateway portal. Select the “CertLeisure” option, then click on “Non-Medical Home Health Services License Application HEA0622.” Click “Agree and Continue” to then begin filling out the form. 

There are five sections you’ll need to complete: General Information, Applicant Demographic Information, Evidence of Certification or Accreditation, Business Information, and Owner-Representative.

If you prefer to mail in your application, download the form here (PDF) or here (webpage). Then, send the completed form to:

Ohio Department of Health

Revenue Processing #3506

P.O. Box 15278

Columbus OH. 43215

Whether you apply online or by mail, the application fee is $250. For mailed applications, don’t forget to include a check or money order made payable to “Treasurer, State of Ohio.”

You’ll also need to include several documents, including a list of the non-medical home health services you intend to provide and fingerprint impressions of the primary home care agency owner. 

The documents you’re required to provide depend on whether you’re certified by the Ohio Department of Aging to provide community-based long-term care services. So be sure to carefully read through the checklist at the start of the application form.

Spend Less Time on Paperwork

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Does Ohio require a license for non-medical home care?

Ohio requires a license for non-medical home care if you are an agency or if you are self-employed and provide direct care to more than two people simultaneously.

Do home health aides need to be certified in Ohio?

In Ohio, home health aides must be certified before providing Medicare or Medicaid-funded services. However, they do not need to apply for a license.

How do I become a home care provider in Ohio?

To become an Ohio home care provider, you’ll need to register your business name, obtain your license, and recruit and train caregivers.

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