A Guide for Understanding Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Pennsylvania

Caoimhe Walsh

Written on 6 May, 2024
Keep reading as we answer the most common questions home care agencies have about electronic visit verification (EVV) in Pennsylvania, from caregiver privacy to handling technical issues.

What Is EVV and Why Is It Required in Pennsylvania?

Electronic visit verification is the collection of key data about in-home client care services. It serves to corroborate that a service actually took place. In doing so, it helps ensure that Pennsylvanian patients receive the care they need and are entitled to.

How Does EVV Work for Home Care Providers in Pennsylvania?

EVV is a federal requirement, which means that every state has to collect EVV. But, there are differences in how states do this. Let’s break down how EVV works in Pennsylvania.

The first thing home care agency owners have to do is choose their EVV system. Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS) offers a free EVV system via Sandata. 

But, Pennsylvania is also an open state. This means that if you prefer, you can use an alternative approved EVV system provider instead.

No matter which EVV system you choose, it has to record six pieces of information:

  1. The type of client care service

  2. The date 

  3. The time the client care service begins and ends

  4. The client’s identity

  5. The client care service location

  6. The caregiver providing the client care service

Your caregiver is responsible for electronically verifying their visit. When they arrive at the client care location, they have to clock in. They must then clock out after finishing the care service.

In most cases, caregivers will clock in and out via an EVV app on their cell phone. However, they can also electronically verify their visit using a landline telephone or a fixed Voice-Over-Internet Protocol (VOIP) device.

Once they’ve verified their location, the visit information will be uploaded and processed via the DHS Aggregator so your home care agency can receive payment.

What Services Are Covered under Pennsylvania's EVV Requirements?

In Pennsylvania, EVV is required for all Medicaid services, as well as any in-home health care or home care services.

This includes:

  • Personal care services that support clients in their daily living, such as bathing, toileting, dressing, and meal preparation

  • Skilled nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and other specialist health care

What Are the Penalties for Non-Compliance with EVV in Pennsylvania?

If you do not collect EVV in Pennsylvania, the state may deny your Medicaid claims. However, there is some room for flexibility. You can manually correct entries via the Pennsylvania EVV system. 

Additionally, the DHS states that “although location is a required element and must be submitted as part of the EVV record, PA-DHS is not currently validating against the location for billing purposes.”

What Should I Do if I Encounter Technical Issues with the EVV System?

If technical issues are preventing a caregiver from electronically verifying their visit, you should take prompt action. 

First, make sure that it’s not a problem with your caregiver’s cell phone. Check that there are no pending system or app updates and that it has connectivity. Ask your caregiver to exit the app and open it again.

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, instruct your caregiver to manually record all details for hard-copy documentation. Then, contact support for your chosen EVV system, whether it’s the Pennsylvania DHS EVV system or an approved third-party provider. The Pennsylvania EVV Support Hotline is 1-800-248-2152.

If you’re unable to get an accurate visit verification for a single visit, don’t panic. Remember that you can do a manual correction in the PA-DHS EVV System.

A Client Care Management System You Can Rely On

As a home care agency, there’s so much you have to keep track of. EVV is just one of the many regulatory, care quality, and caregiver management tasks you need to monitor.

That’s where ShiftCare’s home care software can help you out. It has scheduling, client document management, invoicing, and HIPAA compliance all rolled into one system. You’ll find you spend less time running around after caregivers, and more time running your home business.

Try ShiftCare for free.

How does the EVV system work?

Your EVV system will collect six pieces of service data to verify that client care was delivered. It will then upload and submit this information to payers, including Medicaid.

Is EVV required for Medicare?

EVV is not required for Medicare. However, it is required for all Medicaid services, as well as for in-home health care and home care client services.

Does EVV track your location?

EVV records caregivers’ GPS data when they start and end their shift. However, it doesn’t need to track location data at other times.

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