Streamlining Your Invoicing Process: Top Benefits of Invoicing Software for Home Care Agencies

Invoicing software will save your home care business time and ensure you’re paid promptly and correctly. But to see the biggest benefits, you’ll want to use integrated home care and invoicing tools.

Why Your Home Care Business Needs Invoicing Software

Invoicing errors can be costly. In the best-case situation, you have to redo all your invoices. But in the worst-case situation, you can end up being banned from providing home care services, fined, losing clients, being underpaid or developing a poor reputation.

In a home care agency, correct invoicing is very important. But invoicing errors are easy to make when you’re manually creating invoices. Selecting the wrong item code, making a typo in the date, or copying and pasting the shift records into the wrong customer file: these innocent mistakes have significant implications.

Even if you invoice correctly, manually creating and then double-checking your invoices can eat up hours of your week that would be better invested in growing your home care business. That’s why invoicing software is essential for home care agencies.

Providers Benefit from Home Care Software with an Integrated Invoicing System

There’s plenty of generic, one-size-fits-all invoicing software on the market. But for home care agencies, they have strict requirements for their invoices, and not all software packages are set up to handle them.

For home care invoicing, you want your invoicing software to generate files that are compatible with the homecare claims process. Otherwise, you’ll need to manually adapt them.

ShiftCare’s care management software is built around the requirements of home care agencies. It can create home care-compliant invoices based on your shift record.

3 Benefits of Home Care Software with Invoicing Integrations

1. Fewer Errors 

Human errors can cause havoc with invoicing. But when your home care software auto-generates invoices based on your digital shift record, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of incorrect invoices. 

As long as your shift records are correct — and ShiftCare comes with location-verified time-tracking and client digital signatures for improved accuracy — then your invoices will be error-free.

2. Better Record-Keeping 

Record-keeping is at the core of home care compliance. Whether you’re being audited or you need evidence in case of a dispute, you want an indisputable record showing that you have provided all invoiced services. 

With ShiftCare, you’ll be able to demonstrate the location-verified logs, client digital signatures and care notes for each service provided. Your support workers can add mileage and expense information to each shift record, so there won’t be any details left unaccounted for.

Having your invoicing, time-tracking and client management system on one simple platform means you won’t have to hunt for the right records. You can instantly access everything you need for infallible shift verification.

3. Time Savings

Forget about double-checking shift records, copying and pasting data, or manually updating line codes: with ShiftCare, you can generate all your invoices in minutes. Our clients report that they save hours of time each week with ShiftCare’s auto-generated invoicing and intuitive rostering tools.

NDIS Invoicing Made Simple

ShiftCare’s home care software helps you to more efficiently manage your home care support business, from rostering support workers to invoicing. It integrates seamlessly with your accounting and payroll software so you can stay on top of your income, expenses and cash flow.

Discover how much more you can achieve when invoicing is done instantly. Try ShiftCare for free.

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