Leading with Heart: Heartfelt Support’s Unique Approach to Care

Asha Neil

Written on 9 May, 2024
In its community, Heartfelt Support distinguishes itself not just through its unique therapeutic offerings but also through its steadfast commitment to client-centered care. Founded in 2020 by Anne Drury-Godden, Heartfelt Support was born from a vision to deliver more personalised care, enabling clients to exercise complete control over their care decisions without the typical constraints felt in larger agencies. We had the opportunity to speak with Robert, Anne’s husband and the managing director of Heartfelt Support.

The Heart of Heartfelt Support

Anne's rich background in care and her dedication to client autonomy drove her to establish Heartfelt Support. Experiencing firsthand the potential conflicts between client needs and business objectives in larger agencies, she was inspired to prioritise the well-being and preferences of her clients above all.

With Robert joining forces with Anne as the Managing Director, the organisation started with a single client whose love for horses sparked the idea to incorporate equine therapy, thus welcoming a new team member, a horse named Astro. This marked the beginning of offering equine, as well as art and music therapy to a broader client base. In 2021, the team took on a third director, Chris, as a Finance Director. Anne also further specialised as a Psychosocial Recovery Coach, enhancing her ability to support clients facing complex mental health challenges, perfectly aligning with her values and the mission of Heartfelt Support.

Operational Transformation

With a strong foundation in HR and IT, Robert implemented robust processes and systems from the outset to ensure smooth operations. After evaluating various systems, they chose ShiftCare, which has significantly enhanced their operational efficiency. “ShiftCare has fundamentally changed how we manage our services,” said Robert. It has streamlined everything from scheduling to billing and allowed Robert to hand over the reins of scheduling to his team leaders.

“With ShiftCare, we’ve been able to set up things ahead of time, which was a game-changer for us,” Robert explained. The team appreciates how ShiftCare’s functionalities have allowed them to pre-define billing codes and service types, reducing administrative overhead and improving service delivery accuracy. They also praised the exceptional support from ShiftCare: “The support ShiftCare provides is phenomenal. Absolutely brilliant. The support team was there every day during our initial two-week setup, which was crucial for us.”

Looking to the Future

Looking ahead, Heartfelt Support is enthusiastic about its plans for future growth and the expansion of its unique service offerings. As the demand for personalised therapy solutions continues to rise, the team at Heartfelt Support is committed to broadening their reach and enhancing their therapeutic programs. This includes not only deepening their expertise in alternative therapies but also exploring additional therapeutic modalities that align with their mission to provide compassionate care. By continuously adapting and responding to the needs of their clients, the team aims to enrich more lives and offer new paths to recovery and well-being through their specialised services.

A Commitment to Client-Centered Care

Through integrating equine, art and music therapy with traditional support methods, Heartfelt Support has not only redefined care delivery in their community but has also championed client empowerment and operational efficiency. As they plan for future expansion, Anne, Robert, and their team are poised to extend their services and geographic coverage, building on Heartfelt Support’s solid foundation to reach and impact more lives.

Heartfelt Support’s journey illustrates the impact that innovative care approaches, supported by effective operational tools like ShiftCare, can have on enhancing the quality of life for clients. With a focus on compassion and client empowerment, they are well-positioned for continued growth and success in reshaping care delivery.

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