Innovating Care Together: The ADS Care Story of Growth and Family

Asha Neil

Written on 25 February, 2024
In the disability and aged care industry, there's a company that stands out because of its impressive growth and commitment to providing high quality care. We caught up with Anjna Bhakri, the co-founder of ADS Care, for a chat about how it all began and the key factors driving their success.

The 'family' secret behind ADS Care's Success

ADS Care started with Anjna and her late husband Sunil at the heart of it all. Anjna had worked in disability care for years prior and it was during this period she found her calling in life. It was her nurturing approach that caught Sunil's attention. Anjna recalls: "Sunil said to me 'I can see how passionate you are about helping people, why don't we start our own business'?" And that is how the concept of ADS Care was born. Sunil's nudge was just what Anjna needed to initiate the start of the company with the aim of providing special care and comfort to people in need. In 2012, ADS Care was formed, and Anjna's dream became a reality. Now it was time to set the wheels in motion. Her motto was simple: making a real difference in people's lives.

Fast forward, and their eldest son Anil has jumped on board, bringing with him an exciting new wave of energy and a string of innovative ideas. Like his parents, Anil, too, puts people first. It is this common family trait that is bound to ensure ADS Care's reputation as high-quality caregivers making a difference will grow well into the future. The family values will push ADS Care to even greater heights, while protecting their legacy of exceptional care.

The early days

ADS Care began by distributing a bunch of paper flyers to local businesses in Wagga Wagga. A simple start, but it laid the foundation for something much bigger. From those early flyer drops, ADS Care shifted from the streets of Wagga Wagga to the bustling city of Sydney. In expanding their reach, they also increased their service offering and brought more hands on deck. ADS Care then began to spread their roots across New South Wales, all while maintaining that personal touch and adhering to their principles of commitment to care that got them started at the very beginning.


Getting ADS Care off the ground meant rolling up sleeves and getting into the nitty-gritty of setting up shop. Right from the outset, Anjna and Sunil wanted to lay down the right tracks, which meant diving deep into creating processes, procedures and policies that would deliver a recipe for success. In those early days of ADS Care, it was all paper based. They juggled all this paperwork while making sure they didn't lose that personal touch with the people they were supporting and staff. It was a real hands-on operation, proving even in a world going digital starting with paper wasn't going to hold them back from making an impact in the care world.

Embracing technology 

Adopting software in 2014 was a game-changer for ADS Care, flipping their operations and service delivery into high gear. The introduction to ShiftCare came at a crucial time when the need for a comprehensive system became evident. ShiftCare's simplicity and adaptability made it the perfect fit for ADS Care, enabling a seamless transition from cumbersome paper-based processes to a streamlined digital solution. Anjna said "ShiftCare has been our trusted CRM system at ADS since the very beginning... It's been able to consistently meet our needs and expectations as we have grown."

Reducing admin time & scaling up

ShiftCare wasn't just about cutting down on the paperwork headache; it also brought the team closer together. With tools like the job board and the handy clock-in/out feature, managing the crew and making sure care got where it needed to go became a piece of cake. "The job board feature... huge, huge help. For us, that's reduced our rostering time significantly."

Fast forward to now, and ADS Care's team is stronger than ever, with a robust team of dedicated professionals delivering services across the wider Sydney area. Growing from just Anjna and Sunil to a powerhouse team of a hundred is no small feat—it's a testament to their drive for top-notch care and smart, steady, sustainable growth. Looking ahead, ADS Care is all geared up for more expansion, keeping their eyes on the prize: innovating its services and making sure their clients always come first.

Looking ahead

Through the vision of its founders, Anjna and her late husband Sunil, and the continued passion and drive of their son Anil, ADS Care has transformed the lives of their participants. The adoption of ShiftCare has been a cornerstone of their success, enabling them to scale their operations efficiently and enhance the quality of their service offerings.

As ADS Care looks to the future, their journey with ShiftCare by their side is a testament to how the right technology, paired with a deep commitment to compassionate care, can propel a business to new heights, touching more lives and setting new standards in the care industry.

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