Empowering Care Agencies: The Benefits of Digital Home Care Management Software

With digital home care management software, you can streamline your processes, effortlessly navigate compliance and dedicate more time to delivering exceptional care.

Software designed around the demands of home care agencies can help you run a more efficient and effective business. And with our essential tips, you’ll be able to make the most of your software’s features.

Keep reading as we explore the role home care software can play in empowering care agencies.

The Benefits of Digital Home Care Management Software

The right software will support home care agencies in delivering quality services. Automation saves time on admin processes, while built-in checks and verifications will enable you to stay compliant. In particular, you’ll benefit from:

Information-Sharing Made Simple

Effective information-sharing with support workers is essential for disability service delivery. Your team members need access to up-to-date information about a client's support needs. But, you need to strike a careful balance so as to also respect participants' right to privacy.

Home care software can automate the sharing of client details with the relevant support worker once they've been scheduled for service delivery. Information will only be shared on a need-to-know basis. 

And with real-time visit verification, digital client signatures, and client goals and progress tracking in real-time, you'll always have the insights you need into each client's support provision.

Better Efficiencies

Home care software can support you in dramatically reducing the time you spend on manual processes. In fact, ShiftCare clients report that tasks that used to take all day can now be completed in an hour.

But more efficient processes won't just save you time. By automating your disability support admin processes, you'll reduce your per-client labour costs, lower the likelihood of tiredness-induced human error and boost your team's morale. In turn, this will also make it easier to scale your business.

A Higher Standard of Service Delivery

Quality support and efficiency savings can go hand in hand with the right home care software. Your caregivers will be better positioned to provide personalized, empathetic home care services thanks to improved information-sharing.

Powerful scheduling tools will enable your admin team to schedule care service delivery at a time that works for support workers and clients. And with automated compliance, you can ensure you're complying with the HIPAA.

Customer Support Quality

Ideally, your home care software will come with an active customer support team. Look for a live chat so you can access instant support, in addition to webinars and an extensive help section. You may also benefit from having a dedicated account manager.

Tools for Support Workers and Clients

The right choice of home care software will support your clients and your frontline staff as well as your business. Check for a dedicated support worker app and a portal for clients’ loved ones. Features such as a job board for first-come-first-serve shift bidding will empower your support workers and improve staff engagement.


Does the home care software integrate with your existing systems? Accounting and payroll integrations will reduce your administrative burden.

Ease of Use

Home care software should make your work easier, not harder. So before you sign up, use your free trial to check that it’s easy to use. Are the processes intuitive? Does it come with user-friendly tools such as drag-and-drop scheduling or voice-to-text care note entries for your support workers?

How to Make the Most of Your Home Care Software: Essential Tips

With these expert tips and tricks, you’ll be able to fully harness your home care software’s potential.

Encourage Support Workers to Set Their Availability and Bid for Shifts

Not only will your team gain greater control over their schedule, but you'll benefit from fewer cancellations and no-shows. Let your team know when they need to set their availability in order for you to build the schedule.

Enable Adding Expenses Documentation to the Shift Record

Attaching proof of expenses to the disability service delivery record will improve your compliance and simplify accounting and invoicing. Plus, you’ll have the proof you need to resolve any disputes. 

With our care management software, your caregivers can also ask the client for their digital signature to confirm the shift — and expenses — record.

Create Care Notes Templates 

Help your support workers write better care notes by building templates. ShiftCare allows you to create custom templates for different client groups, so you can ensure that the most important information is always recorded.

Write Care Notes with Clients’ Loved Ones in Mind

Automate client relationship management by asking support workers to write care notes that can be read by clients as well as team members. You can then select relevant notes to share directly with the client's family. 

ShiftCare Connect allows you to do this in a click of a button. You'll save time while demonstrating that your home care agency business has the clients' best interests at heart.

Tools Designed with Home Care Agencies in Mind

ShiftCare’s home care support software empowers home care agencies by taking care of the admin side of your business, so you can focus on providing exceptional disability services. With intuitive scheduling features, integrated bookkeeping and a powerful set of client management tools, you'll have the tools to thrive.

Plus, ShiftCare boasts an app for support workers, a dedicated portal for clients' loved ones, and a 96% positive customer support satisfaction rating.

Discover how the right tools can revolutionise your disability support business management. Try ShiftCare for free.

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