A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Home Care Agency Management Software: Key Features and Considerations

Asha Neil

Written on 1 May, 2023
Software solutions can support the healthcare industry in delivering quality care services while achieving business growth. But what are the key features home care agencies should look for?

Let's break down everything you need to know about choosing care management programs for home health.

Key Features to Look for in Your Home Healthcare Software

When reviewing home care management software solutions, prioritize these essential features. They will help you manage patient care, improve health outcomes, and better support your staff members.


Client-caregiver matching is fundamental to quality patient care. Look for a home healthcare software solution with advanced filters so that you can always find the right team members for your clients, whether they need registered nurses, a care manager, or a physiotherapist.

Your home health software should only show staff members with the required certifications and documentation for specific clients. The best software solutions will automate posting new client jobs for your shortlist of appropriate team members to bid on, cutting out the back-and-forth emails.


Scheduling can be a challenge for home health agencies, but software solutions can significantly reduce the time you spend assigning shifts. Look for a care management program that enables you to set up recurring shifts and group shifts, so you can create an appropriate schedule in minutes — no matter how complex your clients' health conditions and needs are. User-friendly features such as drag-and-drop technology will also help you to quickly build shifts while reducing scheduling errors.

Document Management

Good document management is essential for effective care coordination. Your team needs instant access to patient information, from care plans to nursing notes, to provide quality patient care.

Your home health software should make updating patient documentation easy, whether you need to update the data from your remote patient monitoring or add nursing notes on the go. Secure, cloud-based storage is essential for quick, secure access, while document templates will support your team in writing better patient notes.


Automated reports can give you the insights you need to improve your business operations, from a better understanding of your expenses to your service cancellation trends. Look for a care management software system that uses real-time data for the most accurate reports.

Caregiver App

By selecting home health software with a companion mobile app, you can provide caregivers with the tools they need to deliver quality patient care services. Make sure the app allows them to access and update patient documentation, such as care plans, during home visits. Other important features include accessing schedules, bidding on new shifts, and setting availability.

Family Portal

With a family portal, you can automate the process of updating a patient's loved ones on their health, well-being, and care services. Friends and family members will be reassured by the updates while you can reduce the time you spend on communications.

Automated Billing and Invoicing

A home health software solution will support your back office staff as well as your caregivers. Look for invoicing, expenses, and time tracking features, as well as integrations with your choice of accounting and payroll software.

4 Considerations to Take into Account When Choosing Home Care Agency Software

It's not just the features that matter. Data security, ease of use, price points: these also determine whether a care management software solution is right for your home care agency. Here are four additional criteria worth taking into account when selecting the right software solution.

#1 Security

Home healthcare providers must prioritize HIPAA-compliant software. Unfortunately, home health is particularly vulnerable to patient data leaks and breaches, as your team needs to review patient information on the go.

Password-protected mobile apps, cloud-based storage software, and regular staff training will help you avoid common HIPAA violations. But the most effective way to protect patient data is to check that your choice of software is HIPAA-compliant.

#2 Pricing

Home health software can cost thousands of dollars each month — or as little as $45. Cheap isn't always cheerful, however. Make sure that your software packages come with all the features you need. Watch out for lengthy minimum contracts and expensive fees for upgrading or downgrading your package.

The best way to ensure you're getting value for money is to calculate your likely savings before signing up for a software package. And don't forget to ask for a free trial so you can check that your home health software meets your needs before you start paying.

#3 Ease of Use

Your home healthcare software should be user-friendly for your back office team and your caregivers alike. Use the trial period to check that it's intuitive. Look for a software solution with plenty of support materials, such as live chat support, thorough user guides, and webinars.

#4 Updates

Regular software updates are essential. They ensure that the program remains secure and bug-free. They also indicate that the publisher is likely to add new features as the industry evolves. Before signing up for a package, check how often the software is updated and how the company responds to customer feedback.

Home Healthcare Software that Will Allow Your Agency to Thrive

Home care software solutions can reduce your administrative burden while facilitating a higher standard of patient care. By carefully selecting your care management software, you'll ensure it has all the key features your home care agency needs to grow.

ShiftCare's HIPAA-compliant home healthcare software is built around the needs of home care agencies. It offers matching and scheduling, document management, reporting, and financial integrations for better billing and accounting. The mobile app ensures caregivers have the tools they need to provide exceptional services, while a family portal involves a patient's loved ones in their care.

Discover how care management software can support your business. Try ShiftCare for free.

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