Streamlining Aged Care Operations with Integrated Software Solutions

Asha Neil

Written on 27 February, 2023
Operating a home care agency can be complex. However, digital technology built around the needs of the aged care industry can help care providers to optimize their processes.

3 Reasons You Should Invest in Streamlining Operations

Aged care technology can enable agencies to run a more efficient business. This offers numerous benefits, with the three biggest reasons to do so being:

1. Better Aged Care

Streamlined systems will better support your team of caregivers as they provide higher-quality services. They’ll be able to spend more time delivering care and less time struggling to access up-to-date patient information or fill in paperwork via unwieldy technology. 

2. Greater Efficiency Across Your Business

Technology can save home care agencies hours of admin work, as well as enable your business to cut costs and optimize the use of valuable resources. This adds up to better profit margins and reduced risk. 

Plus, a more efficient business is easier to grow. As the per-patient cost falls, you’ll discover you can better scale your business, take on new clients and offer additional services.

3. Improved Employee Experience

Greater efficiency leads to less stress for your team members. Using technology solutions to support your caregivers means they’ll have access to the tools they need to do their job quickly and effectively. In turn, you’ll see increased engagement rates.

How Care Management Technology Can Streamline Your Aged Care Operations

Business management technology is often built with efficiency in mind, but it’s worth opting for technology specifically designed for the home care industry. You’ll reap the benefits of essential care features.

Let’s break down the ways aged care technology can improve efficiency to better support you, your caregivers and your patients.


Scheduling technology will help you optimize your schedules while spending less time creating them. You’ll be able to select from a shortlist of ideal caregivers with the right training and certifications for each client. Geolocation features will also help you reduce per-client travel time and expenses.

You can set up group and recurring shifts, in addition to adding multiple patients and addresses to individual employees’ shifts. Drag-and-drop technology will ensure you don’t accidentally double-book or overlook clients. Plus, you can switch between staff and client views of the schedule to check that everyone is appropriately scheduled.


Billing can be a time-consuming process, from entering patient and service data to submitting invoices to various insurers. Home care technology solutions can streamline billing by pulling accurate data from schedules and shift records. You can integrate your accounting technology to auto-generate detailed invoices. You’ll be able to reduce the time your team spends on billing while also ensuring you get paid as quickly as possible. 

Document Management

Document management technology can provide a HIPAA-compliant solution to everything from securely accessing patient information during home visits to updating progress notes and staff training records. Expiry notifications will make sure your client and caregiver documentation is up to date. And with a cloud-based system, there will be no delays in updating important information. You can rest assured that your team will always have access to the latest patient information.


Home care technology that integrates with your accounting systems will simplify the processes of calculating profits, running payroll and filing taxes. You’ll be able to export data with the click of a button, which will both save you time and reduce the risk of errors.

Electronic visit verification technology will result in accurate timekeeping, while your caregivers can attach evidence of expenses to each shift record. Care management software can also auto-generate financial reports, which you can use to stay on top of your business’ finances. 

Communication with Clients 

Communication with patients and their family members is key to providing personalized care that respects older people’s agency. While aged care agencies appreciate the importance of this, providing updates to all your patients and their loved ones can be prohibitively time-consuming.

Technology can provide a solution to this issue. Care management tools will allow you to share select progress notes and updated documentation via a dedicated portal for patients and their family members. Clients can also use this portal to request additional services, check service delivery records and billing details, and more. You’ll be able to automate client communications while improving their quality.

Workforce Management

Technology can provide an aged care workforce management solution. Your team can set their preferred availability via the app and bid on additional work, as well as accessing all their shift data and client information. They’ll have all the tools they need to provide excellent care.

You can also use aged care technology to communicate with your caregivers. In-app messaging and SMS push notifications can replace emails as a quicker communication channel. You won’t have to manually chase confirmations or worry about important updates being overlooked.

Home Care Software That Supports Your Business as You Grow

You became an aged care provider to support older people in living fulfilling lives. You probably anticipated paperwork, but you didn’t plan on spending hours of your week invoicing, billing, scheduling and sending emails.

Technology solutions can help you cut down on the admin work so you can get back to what matters most: growing your agency and providing quality aged care.

But the right technology won’t just make your life better. It will also help you provide better care, keep your caregivers happy and improve your company’s finances.

ShiftCare’s care management software will help you quickly and effectively handle scheduling, billing, compliance, communication with caregivers, patient documentation and more. It’s intuitive, user-friendly and can be set up in 10 minutes, which means you can get started with it straightaway — no lengthy training required!

Discover how the right technology can ensure that your home care agency runs smoothly. Try ShiftCare for free.

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