Choosing a Disability Care Software: 11 Essential Questions to Ask

Caoimhe Walsh

Written on 5 February, 2024
NDIS software should make your team’s work easier, not harder. But not all disability software will come with the right features for your business needs.

If you want your software to help you save time, ensure compliance and improve quality standards, it’s important to carefully vet it. When choosing NDIS software, make sure you ask these 11 questions.

1. Is it purpose-built for NDIS support providers?

Generic business software may help you file your tax return and even roster staff. But running an NDIS support business presents unique challenges, from NDIS compliance to the secure sharing of participant documentation.

NDIS management software like ShiftCare is built with disability support providers in mind. It comes with bulk invoice generation, mileage tracking for the NDIS travel allowance, NDIS-compliant document management, secure sharing of participant details via the disability support worker app and more.

2. Does it have an onboarding package for a quick and simple setup?

With ShiftCare, you can input your company details and start rostering clients in just 10 minutes. Our self-onboarding process is intuitive, but if you do have any questions, help is at hand. 

You can check our video and articles guides for instant answers, speak to our live chat or consult your dedicated account manager.

3. Is the disability care software easy for employees to use? 

When choosing an NDIS software, make sure it comes with a user-friendly disability support worker app. ShiftCare’s app comes with progress note templates, speak-to-text records and digital client signatures so your team can view and update records on the go. 

4. Does it have the tools you need to stay compliant?

Compliance can be challenging for disability support providers. ShiftCare can help you prepare for audits by creating detailed electronic documentation. 

Incident reports will keep you NDIS compliant, while digital timesheets can help you avoid payroll errors and SCHADS award violations. And with our secure document-sharing system, you’ll be able to protect participant confidentiality and comply with the Privacy Act.

5. Can it help you manage NDIS payment requests?

Avoid running out of client funds or having invoices rejected by choosing NDIS software with an up-to-date price guide. ShiftCare can auto-generate your NDIS payment requests based on your shift records and the latest pricing arrangements and price limits.

6. Does the NDIS software offer document management? 

ShiftCare helps you stay on top of your documentation, from participants’ support plans to support workers’ first aid certificates. You can set up expiry notifications, create document templates and securely share documents via the support worker app.

7. Can you integrate your accounting software?

When selecting NDIS software for your business, don’t forget to check its compatibility with your existing systems. 

ShiftCare integrates seamlessly with XERO, KeyPay, MYOB and other major accounting systems, so you won’t have to worry about manual data transfers or potential discrepancies in your financial reporting.

8. Can you use your NDIS management software to easily communicate with participants’ families?

Whether you’re a service provider, NDIS support coordinator or plan manager, regular communication with participants’ families facilitate person-centric disability support.

With ShiftCare Connect, you can share progress notes, plan updates, billing details and more with clients’ approved family members and friends. Your participants’ loved ones can also request additional services, set preferred support workers and view scheduled services. 

9. Does it give you control over your rostering?

Disability software with rostering tools is essential for NDIS providers. With ShiftCare, you can create recurring and group shifts, as well as switching between the client and team view of the roster. 

Let approved support workers bid on additional shifts to save you time and give your team control over their work-life balance.

10. Is it easy to share shifts with support workers?

ShiftCare’s publish shifts feature allows you to instantly share roster schedules on your support workers’ mobile app. Save time by creating your draft shift in advance, and publish shifts individually or in bulk when you’re ready.

11. As your business grows, will the software continue to meet your needs?

Choosing the best NDIS software isn’t just a matter of considering your current business needs. Make sure your software package can adapt to your business’ evolving requirements as it grows.

ShiftCare’s flexible plans help you pick and choose the features your disability support provider business really needs. It’s easy to add new users or switch packages as your company grows.

Choose NDIS Software You Can Rely On

ShiftCare’s NDIS software is the top choice of many disability support providers, due to its ease of use, wide array of NDIS and accounting integrations, and suitability for growing businesses. What’s more, it has a 94% positive customer support rating.

Find out if ShiftCare could be your ideal software. Try ShiftCare for free.

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