Are You Covered For The Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Compliance?

The National cabinet has recently announced that the COVID vaccination will soon be made mandatory for all aged care workers. You can prepare for this now by making sure all your staff have been given the dose and own a valid vaccination certificate.

During this volatile time, it’s especially crucial for disability and aged care workers to stay on top of the changing government regulations as they will affect how they provide care. From mandatory masks indoors, quarantine periods, and regular monitoring of COVID-19 symptoms, the NSW Government Health site is frequently updating their regulations and suggestions on how you can keep you and your community safe.

If you’re an NDIS provider, one of your ongoing commitments is to provide the required documentation around your qualifications and compliance report, ensuring they are all valid and up-to-date. This will soon include the COVID-19 vaccination certificate. The National cabinet has recently announced that the vaccination will be made mandatory for all aged care workers. You can prepare for this now by making sure each of your staff have been given the dose and own a valid vaccination certificate. The certificate should look a little something like this:

How ShiftCare can help you stay compliant with anticipated vaccine regulations

ShiftCare can help your organisation stay on top of providing your COVID-19 Vaccine Certificates. Here’s how:

  1. Create a new compliance category

  • Under “Account” → “Settings”, locate the “Report headings” section located on the right-hand side of the screen

  • Add a new compliance category and name it “COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate”

Adding COVID Vaccine Certificate to ShiftCareCheck our Help Center for more on how add new categories. 

  1. Upload relevant documents under the new category

  • Under “Staff” → “Documents”, locate the “Compliance” section

  • Click “Manage All”, then “Add Document”

ShiftCare Care Management Software - Adding documents to staff profile

  • Choose your newly created “COVID-19 Vaccine Certification” option when selecting a category

  • Upload the relevant PDF document and click “Create”

Adding COVID Vaccine Certificate to ShiftCareYou can visit our Help Centre for more info on managing carer documents.

  1. Continue to monitor your staff’s compliance with documentation

  • You’ll get an overview of all the documents provided by your staff to keep track of their validity status and see which are still yet to be submitted

  • Note that vaccination certificates don’t have an expiry date so you won’t need to monitor their expiry status

Compliance Report in ShiftCare showing Covid-19 Vaccine Certificates per staffVisit our Help Centre to find out more about accessing your Compliance Reports.

Congratulations- you’re all set! Remember to continue to stay up to date with the changing government requirements and make sure you’re doing everything you need to minimise the risk of the virus’ spread. 

If you have any questions on how ShiftCare can help you manage and keep track of your required documentation, visit our site or reach out to our friendly team!

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