What is the Best NDIS Software? 13 Vital Considerations

Caoimhe Walsh

Written on 5 February, 2024
There’s a lot to consider when identifying the ideal NDIS software for your disability support business. You have to consider features, useability, customer support, integrations and much more.

We’ll break down the essential points you should take into account when comparing NDIS software providers. 

With this guide, you’ll be able to answer: What is the best NDIS software for my needs? What critical features should it have? And how will it benefit my support workers?

1. Is the NDIS software user-friendly? Will your staff find it intuitive?

If your NDIS software is going to streamline your processes and reduce human error, it needs to be easy to use. That’s why ShiftCare comes with drag-and-drop rostering, voice-to-text progress notes and document templates.

2. Does it come with a support worker app?

The best NDIS software won’t just help your admin staff. It will also give your disability support worker team the tools they need to provide high-quality services.

ShiftCare’s support worker app allows your frontline staff to check their rosters and client documentation on the go, set their availability, add progress notes, collect digital client signatures and even attach their travel expenses to shift records.

3. How quickly can you get set up? Is there an onboarding package?

Getting started with ShiftCare is simple. You can self-onboard and start scheduling client services in 10 minutes. Our app will walk you through adding your company details, but should you have any problems, we’re here to support you. 

You can use our live chat, browse our video and article help guides or speak to your dedicated account manager. We have a 94% customer service satisfaction rating, so you’ll be sure to get the help you need.

4. Is the software tailored to NDIS support businesses?

Whether you’re an NDIS support coordinator, service provider or plan manager, your work with the National Disability Insurance Scheme creates distinctive challenges. The best NDIS software will help you tackle them.

ShiftCare’s NDIS integrations include the latest price guide, NDIS funds management, NDIS-compliant document management, bulk payment requests and more. 

5. Will it help you roster quicker?

With ShiftCare, you can set up recurring and group shifts, add multiple clients to each team member’s shift, and switch between client and team rosters. 

You’ll be able to create new rosters in minutes — and you’ll have the oversight you need to check that the roster meets everyone’s needs.

6. Can you save and edit draft rosters?

With our publish shifts feature, you can save time by creating draft rosters. 

You can still view your unpublished shifts on the team and client rosters, allowing you to plan ahead. And when you’re ready, press “publish” to share them with your team via the disability support worker app. 

7. Can support staff bid on new shifts?

ShiftCare’s job board gives your team control over their work hours while cutting down your admin time. Push new shifts out to an approved list of support workers for them to bid on. 

You can set the app to allocate the shifts on a first-come, first-served basis and add them to the roster. Or, for greater control over your payroll, opt for manual approval.

8. Will the software create NDIS payment requests?

ShiftCare uses your shift records and an up-to-date NDIS price guide to auto-generate bulk NDIS payment claims for you.

9. Does it come with accounting and payroll integrations?

The best NDIS software will fit seamlessly into your existing processes. ShiftCare offers accounting integrations with all major software, including XERO, KeyPay and MYOB.

10. Will it keep you audit-ready?

ShiftCare’s electronic documentation, incident reports, digital timesheets, client signatures, document expiry notifications and secure data storage system will help you stay compliant, whether you’re being audited by the NDIS or inspected by the Fair Work Commission.

11. Can you track progress towards clients’ goals?

You can set participant goals and strategies by going to the client’s profile in the ShiftCare web app. Your disability support worker team will then be prompted to score their progress on each visit so you can track the client’s advancement.

12. Is there a portal for clients’ families?

Your clients’ approved loved ones can log on to ShiftCare Connect to check scheduled services, recent progress notes, invoices, plan details and more. 

You can provide multiple log-ins with different access levels, meaning your participants will always have control over how their information is shared.

13. Will your care software continue to support your NDIS provider business as you grow?

As your NDIS provider business takes on more clients and support workers, will your software still meet all your needs? 

Here at ShiftCare, we know that “the best NDIS software” means something different to every single business. That’s why we offer flexible plans. As your business grows, you can select the features you need, add additional users and change your package.

Selecting the Best NDIS Software for Your Business

Every disability support provider business has different requirements of their NDIS software. But there’s a reason why ShiftCare’s NDIS software is the favourite of 3,000+ care providers. 

Our customers tell us that we’re the #1 NDIS software for their needs thanks to our intuitive platform, powerful rostering tools and excellent support. They report cutting their admin time down from days to hours each week, on top of significant annual savings.

Discover how the right software can help your NDIS business thrive. Try ShiftCare for free.

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