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ShiftCare vs. Emprevo

Emprevo’s Worker Marketplace is designed to help you fill empty shifts. But does it measure up to our comprehensive care and disability support management software, ShiftCare?

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Care Management Software Under the Microscope

Your caregivers and support workers are the beating heart of your agency. Thanks to them, you can guarantee that your clients will receive the consistent, high-quality care and disability support they’re entitled to.

But managing your care team’s availability isn’t always easy, especially if you’re employing a casual workforce. Whether you’re adding a new client to the roster, finding sick cover or simply trying to fill a shift on Christmas Day, manually allocating the right team member can be time-consuming. You can lose hours to phoning staff members and confirming availability. 

Workforce management tools like Emprevo and ShiftCare help you quickly fill shifts so you can deliver consistent care services. But there are significant differences between these two software packages.


What Is Emprevo?

Emprevo is a shift management software that allows you to advertise shifts to your workforce. You can notify individual workers, specific employee groups or your whole team of available shifts.

You can also add your preferred caregiver agencies to your Emprevo Worker Marketplace. This will allow agency staff to pick up shifts if you’re unable to fill them with your own staff.

While Emprevo targets the NDIS and aged care industries, it doesn’t come with additional features such as NDIS invoicing, document management or client communications. As CEO Anthony Byrne says on their website, “We’re focused on solving one problem.”


What Is ShiftCare?

ShiftCare is a care management software system that comes with a suite of rostering, workforce management, client management and business management tools.

ShiftCare is the top choice of many NDIS and aged care businesses for its:

Job Board

Quickly fill empty shifts and add new clients to the roster by adding them to the ShiftCare Job Board. Manually select which staff members can bid on shifts or use filters to ensure that only suitable caregivers are able to apply. You can choose to auto-approve bids to save you time or manually approve caregivers’ bids for greater control over your roster and payroll.

Powerful Rostering Tools

ShiftCare comes with recurring, group and split shifts so building your roster is quicker and easier than ever. Toggle between the team and client views of the roster to double-check that all services have been assigned. Tweak your in-progress roster as much as you need, and when you’re ready, click Publish to notify your care team.

One-System Solution

ShiftCare is far more than a rostering tool. It also comes with NDIS integrations, compliance tools, client management, communication tools, auto-generated business reports, invoicing and billing, accounting integrations and more. Plus, there’s a caregiver app for your staff and a portal for clients’ loved ones.


How Do They Compare?

Emprevo ShiftCare
Country Australia and New Zealand Australia and North America
Price Price On Request From $40 / month
Free self-onboarding
Contract length No minimum contract length No minimum contract length
Free trial
Free demo
Suggested capacity ? 5-500
NDIS Integrations
Client document management
Goals tracking
Incident reports
Job board
Add external agencies
Accounting integrations
Caregiver app
Friends and family portal

Data accurate as of February 2024 and based on publicly available information found online. 

For a detailed overview of ShiftCare plans and pricing, please see our pricing page.

ShiftCare vs Emprevo: Which Should You Use?

Both Emprevo and ShiftCare will help you advertise available shifts to your workforce so you can quickly add new clients to the roster and find cover. Staff filters and automated bid acceptance will cut down on your workload and ensure that every client receives care from an appropriate staff member.

Emprevo also comes with an Agency Connect feature that allows you to advertise shifts to your preferred agencies.

ShiftCare, meanwhile, comes with a wide range of additional features: an up-to-date NDIS price guide, client goals and funds management, client document management, expenses tracking, incident reports, geo-verified shift records and more. 

While both ShiftCare and Emprevo offer a caregiver app, ShiftCare also has a portal for clients’ family members and friends. Approved users can log in to ShiftCare Connect to check a client’s scheduled services, billing details, progress notes and more. It gives clients’ loved ones peace of mind while cutting down the time you spend on client communications.

Our clients find that they can reduce their time spent rostering by up to 90%. Discover how ShiftCare can help you roster quicker and better.

If you are considering changing your care management software, read our blog How to Transition to a New Care Management Software


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