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ShiftCare vs. GoodHuman

GoodHuman’s workforce management software comes with NDIS integrations and a booking scheduler. But how does it compare to our NDIS software, ShiftCare?

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Which Software Will Best Suit Your Company?

Reduced workload, increased profitability, and a happier workforce and client base: the right management software will help you achieve all this and more.

It’s important to find software that’s best suited to your company’s needs, whether you’re a freshly launched startup or an established organisation operating across Australia (or even internationally).

Disability support and aged care providers should look for software with NDIS integrations and a portal for frontline staff. These features will help you remain compliant and provide empathetic, human-centric care.

GoodHuman’s workforce management software comes with NDIS integrations and a booking scheduler. But how does it compare to ShiftCare.

Keep reading as we break down the differences between the two platforms, so you can select the best NDIS-integrated software for your business.


What Is GoodHuman?

Customer and workforce management software company GoodHuman was founded in 2018 in Victoria.

GoodHuman is an all-in-one platform that offers NDIS integrations in addition to rostering and billing automation. It also comes with a companion mobile app for support workers and carers. Enterprise-level users have access to a Customer Success Manager and tailored onboarding. 

GoodHuman acknowledges and promotes the positive impact of support services, and strives to make it more accessible for people everywhere to receive the support they need, whenever they need it.

Subscriptions start at $25 per month for a minimum of 50 users, while enterprise pricing is available on request.


What Is ShiftCare?

ShiftCare’s NDIS software boasts NDIS funds management, service tracking, price guide integrations and bulk claims. What’s more, it has automated rostering, accounting integration, document management, timesheets and expenses tracking.

It’s a go-to option for many NDIS businesses thanks to its:

Companion apps for team members and clients.

While your admin team will rely on the web app to manage your business’ day-to-day operations, frontline staff can use the mobile app to check their schedules, set availability and access all the client and shift information they need. There’s also a friends and family portal that will ensure clients’ loved ones are kept up to date on everything from delivered services to billing and the client’s progress. It will help set their minds at ease.

All the features you need to stay compliant and audit-ready.

You’ll have complete control over who can see personal information, from clients’ contact details to their support plans and progress. Expiry notifications will ensure all information is up to date, while progress notes and incidents will be securely recorded. Plus, the clock-in/clock-out feature doubles as an automated proof of service delivery. You won’t have to stress ahead of NDIS audits: you’ll already have all the evidence and documentation you need.

Excellent customer experience.

ShiftCare has a 96% positive customer satisfaction rating, thanks in large part to its intuitive design and best-in-class live support. There’s a detailed help section along with onboarding tutorials that allow users to get started in minutes. Premium users also get access to a dedicated account manager, no matter how small — or big — their team is.


What are the differences?

GoodHuman ShiftCare
Country Australia Australia
Price From $25 user / month From $9 user / month
Suggested Capacity Medium to Large 5-500
Free Trial 30-day free trial 7-day free trial
NDIS Service Agreements Tracking
Dedicated Account Manager Yes (Premium plan only)
Open API
Family & Friends Portal
Advanced Invoice Warning System
Up to date NDIS Price Guide
Bulk NDIS Claims & Payments
Split Shifts
Mobile App
Custom Forms
Advanced Incident Management

Data accurate as of June 2024 and is based on publicly available information found online.

For a detailed overview of ShiftCare plans and pricing, please see our pricing page.

The Key Differences

Both GoodHuman and ShiftCare will help you manage your workforce, track NDIS services and submit bulk claims. With both platforms, you’ll be able to streamline your operations while ensuring your team members have all the information they need to deliver quality care and support.

GoodHuman comes with a desktop version for your admin team as well as an app for frontline workers. Enterprise users also get access to a dedicated account manager. Non-enterprise users can subscribe for $25 per month per user (minimum 50 users) . It's also important to note that GoodHuman offers a 30-day-trial period to test out their software.

ShiftCare has a portal for friends and family members as well as an app for support workers. There is a range of flexible subscription packages, so you can pay for the services you need and nothing more. The basic plan is ideal for new businesses and starts from just $9 per user. Premium users, meanwhile, have access to a dedicated account manager while paying just $25 per user per month. Each package charges for a minimum of 5 users.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just getting started or you’re an established and thriving business: ShiftCare has a subscription tier for you. And its zero-commitment model means that as your needs evolve, it’s easy to move to a different tier. You won’t need to change your software just because your business has changed.

If you are considering changing your care management software, read our blog How to Transition to a New Care Management Software

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