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ShiftCare vs. Skedulo

Skedulo will help you roster staff and get electronic visit verification. But how do its workforce management features compare to our NDIS and aged care software, ShiftCare?

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The Right Software for Your Business Needs

Care management software can help your business run smoothly, provide higher-quality care and disability support, and reduce your administrative workload.

There’s a lot to consider when comparing software packages. You need to look at the available features, ease of use, customer support, pricing, scalability and more. 

That’s why we’re doing an in-depth comparison of ShiftCare and Skedulo. From rostering tools to their companion apps, we’ll break down what sets them apart so you can pick the best software for your needs.


What Is Skedulo?

Skedulo is a cloud-based workforce management software that targets a broad range of industries, from real estate to telecommunications. 

It allows you to schedule staff, manage timesheets and share client information with your team. Support workers and caregivers can use the healthcare mobile application to get driving directions and report incidents. 

There’s also an add-on Australian healthcare module for the NDIS and aged care sectors in the Skedulo Marketplace. It’s unclear whether you need to pay extra to use this add-on or whether it’s included in your subscription.


What Is ShiftCare?

ShiftCare is an NDIS and aged care management software with rostering, invoicing, time-tracking, client document management and communication features. It comes with a companion mobile app for your care team and a portal for your clients’ family members and friends.

ShiftCare has supported 200,000+ clients to date with:

NDIS integrations

With a built-in NDIS price guide, NDIS payment requests, NDIS funds management, incident reporting and document management, ShiftCare makes operating within the NDIS easy.

Enhanced compliance tools

ShiftCare provides you with extensive digital records and privacy-focused document access controls. Plus, the software comes with electronic client signatures, location-verified time-tracking and staff documentation expiry notifications so you can stay audit-ready.

Superb customer support

You’ll gain access to a live customer support chat, available seven days a week, in addition to webinars and tutorials. Premium users are also assigned a dedicated account manager to make sure that everything runs smoothly.


How Do They Compare?

Skedulo ShiftCare
Country Australia, USA, UK and Vietnam Australia and North America
Price Price On Request From $40 / month
Free self-onboarding
Contract length Annual contracts and billing only No minimum contract length
Free trial Negotiable with sales team
Free demo
Suggested capacity ? 5-500
Client funds management
Driving directions
Up-to-date NDIS Price Guide
NDIS invoicing
In-app client video calls
Incident reports
Goals tracking
Electronic visit verification
Accounting integrations
Reporting in real-time
Multilingual apps
Caregiver app
Friends and family portal
Custom Forms
Advanced Incident Management

Data accurate as of February 2024 and based on publicly available information found online. 

For a detailed overview of ShiftCare plans and pricing, please see our pricing page.

Skedulo vs ShiftCare: Which Software Should You Choose?

At first glance, Skedulo and ShiftCare seem alike. Both have tools for team rostering, managing client documentation, electronic visit verification, and accounting and payroll software integrations. But, there are differences between the two platforms.

ShiftCare was built with NDIS and aged care providers in mind with features such as an up-to-date NDIS price guide for auto-generated NDIS bulk claims, client funds management and client goals tracking. In addition to its caregiver and support worker app, ShiftCare has a web portal for your client’s family and friends.

Skedulo supports in-app video calls for remote support services. You can add remote services to your ShiftCare rosters and auto-generate invoices, but your team must use a different app for the video calls. Skedulo offers in-app driving directions for home visits, while ShiftCare users must use their GPS software of choice.

Billing and software setup are also different. Skedulo requires scheduling a demo with their sales team to find out the price. There is also a minimum contract length of one year.

With ShiftCare, you can view the transparent pricing structure online. There’s no minimum contract length, and you can get started quickly.

If you are considering changing your care management software, read our blog How to Transition to a New Care Management Software


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