Efficient Scheduling for Home Care Agencies: How Software Solutions Can Improve Staffing and Scheduling

More efficient employee scheduling adds up to reduced costs, an improved quality of service delivery and a better employee experience for your team. Scheduling software can make this possible.

There’s a lot to consider when scheduling, from support workers’ availability to qualifications, client locations and more. It can be tempting to accept “a schedule that works” rather than investing extra time in improving your scheduler's efficiency. However, by making efficiency a priority, you’ll benefit from better workforce management and better finances.

The good news is that NDIS software can make efficient scheduling simple. Keep reading as we break down everything you need to know about using software for improved scheduling.

The Two Sides of Efficient Scheduling

When optimising the scheduling process, there are two ways that agencies can see increased efficiencies. 

The first is by building a scheduler that leads to reduced travel and labour costs. Through careful client allocations and shift schedules, you’ll ensure that every staff member provides supports to the maximum number of home care participants possible, without overworking your team.

The second way is through reducing the time spent on scheduling. Scheduling shifts is one of the most time-consuming tasks facing your admin team. By optimising the process, you can free up hours of valuable time that can be better invested in other tasks.

The right scheduling software will empower you to both create more efficient schedules and spend less time building them.

The Benefits of Efficient Employee Scheduling for NDIS Providers

More efficient scheduling offers a wide range of benefits, including:

A Happier Workforce 

Better workforce management results in happier, engaged team members who can deliver their best quality work. By giving your team more control over their schedules, you’ll find it easier to prevent staff burnout and retain your best team members. And when you highlight this in job listings, you’ll find it easier to attract qualified support workers.

Reduced Costs 

More efficient scheduling leads to reduced per-service travel and labour costs. You’ll be able to maximize time spent delivering services by assigning geographically clustered clients to the same support worker, as well as avoiding expensive overtime for your admin team.

Improved Support Quality 

A more motivated workforce leads to better outcomes for clients. There will be a reduced risk of overwork-induced human error, plus it will be easier for you to assign the ideal carer to each client.

Satisfied Clients 

Your clients will receive the supports they need from qualified staff and at a time and date that works for them. 

Less Admin Work 

You’ll be able to free up time for your admin staff to focus on essential tasks, such as new service bookings, payroll or marketing.

Capacity to Grow

Adding new clients to your schedule can be cost-prohibitive, especially if you’re operating with a small staff. By creating more efficient schedules, you’ll reduce the administrative burden while helping your support workers make the most of their time on shift.

How Software Solutions Support Agencies in Efficient Scheduling

Schedule Faster and Better 

With scheduling software, it’s easy to schedule entire teams, create recurring and split shifts and more. The software will give you better visibility of staff availability so you can make scheduling decisions in seconds.

Look for essential scheduling software features such as drag-and-drop technology, per-client and per-worker views of the schedule. These features will give you the oversight you need to check that support workers’ schedules are efficient while still adequately meeting participants’ needs. 

Improve Client-Worker Matching 

Scheduling software will help you allocate the ideal support worker to each patient. Use the software to create shortlists of appropriate staff members based on skills and qualifications, client preferences and more. You can then select from this shortlist when building your schedules, saving you time and effort.

Reduce Time Spent on Communications

With home care scheduling software, you can cut out the back-and-forth. Finding cover and filling vacant shifts can be done with just a few taps of your phone. There will be no need to chase up shift confirmations, ring your entire team to discover who’s available for shift swaps or check long email chains.

Your team will be able to set their availability, request time off and bid on new jobs via their mobile devices. The app will automatically update with the new schedule as soon as you’ve signed off on it. 

Your carers will also have instant access to the participant information they need via the mobile application, from client care notes to client goals and service agreements. 

Achieve Better Workforce Management with Scheduling Software

Scheduling software helps you ensure clients’ unique needs are met, while also reducing your admin team’s workload, improving your finances and giving your team members control over their work-life balance.

ShiftCare’s care management software is built around the needs of home care agencies and their clients. It offers participant onboarding and plan management features, accounting integrations and more.

You can use the scheduling features to create group and recurring schedules, as well as dragging and dropping clients to an individual employee’s shift. Your team can set their availability on the staff app and bid on new shifts, while home care participants can request their preferred support workers via the client portal.

Discover how your business can benefit from efficient scheduling. Try ShiftCare for free.

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