Getting Started with ShiftCare Connect

Streamed 2 years ago - 21m 8s
With dedicated log-ins for client families and plan managers, Connect makes it easy to keep up to date with invoicing & plans, and see who is rostered for support.

In this live session, we'll cover:

  • Introduction to Connect

  • Creating a Connect account in ShiftCare

  • Logging into ShiftCare Connect

  • Features overview & live demo

Andrew: Welcome to this should care demonstration ShiftCare Connect. I've got Ian with me and is our Head of Customer Support. And he's going to be doing the live demo for us today. We've got Cecile, our Head of Marketing, and Sissy Qin, our Marketing Assistant, and my name is Andrew Lee, our Customer Success Manager, at ShiftCare.

So, Connect isn't something that's sort of broadly talked about and a lot of people don't really know what it is. So we thought we'd do this webinar today just to leave. A little bit more about ShiftCare Connect and what it does. So we'll go through creating a connected count in shift care. We'll log into the shift care connected accounts, and able then do a live demonstration to show you how it works throughout the webinar.

We're going to be doing a live Q&A. So if you've got any questions, you'll see in the bottom of your zoom bar, there's a Q&A box. Um, some of you already used it in the chat. So if you got any questions, just ask by the Q&A and our team will answer your questions as we go along. We'll also answer some live questions at the end.

So let's get started with what ShiftCare Connect is all about. So this is, uh, an additional, uh, login that you can give your, um, like carers loved ones or plan managers, for example, and it lets them, uh, view particular clients, uh, schedules. So here we're looking at, um, Gerald schedule. So you can log in, do this schedule approve and reject shifts, uh, request services and tasks, and also view progress notes and photos.

So really handy. If you want to be able to share, uh, your data externally outside of your, your account without giving too much information away. So it's a really good way for carers and loved ones and plant managers to be able to access client details from ShiftCare. So the main differences is, uh, with ShiftCare.

You're probably used to the screen on the left-hand side, where you log in with, uh, the URL of And that's the main schedule, a screen that you'll be used to working with. Um, on the right-hand side, when you create a connect account, you would share the

Address with the, uh, with the plan manager, for example, and they're able to then log in to their own connect, ShiftCare account that way. So it's a very limited view. They're only able to see the client's calendar that you've given them access to, and then there'll be able to access their notes, et cetera.

So in the calendar view, uh, they've got access to a monthly, weekly and daily abuse as well. So you can actually look at, look at the roster, see who they've been rostered on with and what times of the day they've been rostered on. You can also, as I mentioned, view the progress notes and any other additional information such as photos, that the carer may have uploaded during the shift.

And that information will come. Uh, live as they're adding it to the progress notes on their mobile app. So the plant managers and the loved ones will be able to log in and have a look at that in real time as well. Um, you're also able to see billing as well. So as soon as that invoice is generated, uh, within ShiftCare by your admin team, uh, the plan manager has access to that as well.

And they're able to see the complete breakdown of the shifts and the costs and the supports that were actually provided on that day. Uh, and the cost of the bill. Uh, to care, connect to your account. Uh, all you need to do is go to the account section of ShiftCare, head down to subscription, and in the right-hand corner, we've got the edit subscription link.

You just click on that and you'll see the connect, uh, feature down the bottom there. So you can just add as many states as you like. It's $3 for logging. Uh, so you just add that to your account prior to setting, connect up and then just press on that. And that will automatically be added to your ongoing monthly bill.

You can add and subtract connect accounts throughout the month, and we'll just prorate the billing accordingly. So you can put those up and down as you. Uh, on that note, I'm going to pass over to Ian and I'll get him to do the live demo forests and show you around connecting. As I mentioned, if you've got questions along the way, feel free to ask them and we'll get back to you, um, in the live chat afterwards as well.

Thanks again.

Ian: Um, when you're locked into ShiftCare Connect there's Angie's Lynch and you'll see the, um, the different. Shifts on a weekly, monthly basis and similar to what you'd be used to from the scheduler, a view, you will see, um, the color coding. So agreeing with me. Well, okay. Uh, blue being invoiced, um, where to use this burgundy color for canceled shifts in connect, um, which sort of equates to absent and then red meaning, uh, meaning the shifts native dressing. So in this case, uh, the equivalent.

Medicare hasn't been assigned from the admin perspective. If you go in and switch the switch to the staff member and refresh, um, we'll say that one's fixed, um, this one on have to go back in time to fix that one. Um, We'll notice, uh, as Andrew mentioned, there's different permissions within a view of ShiftCare.

Can I say, let's say, um, you've changed the subscription and added the licenses to make those available. Um, you'll notice what appears under unbelief. The client is the link to customers option. Um, here we can change. Uh, add and remove people from a client's view. You're going to have multiple people having different log-ins to, um, either the same client, or if you have multiple clients, you know, some, someone needs to see multiple clients.

Um, then you can give the same person access to multiple clients. Allow that to be reflected in the calendar year in connect. You know, to, to clients or more, um, Hey, we've got the ability to, when you invite a new client, that's similar to adding a staff member. So when you complete the details and set the different permission levels, invite.

And we'll send the person an invitation to confirm their email address and set up a new password for their, for their Connect account.

If you want someone to no longer have access to that client, you can link them. And in this case, the, um, the person hasn't accepted their environment to, um, to connect to cab and not set a password.

Um, so you can use the button recent invite to send them that link again, in the view we had before this is, was set up as a read only view. So you could see a limited amount of information. If I go in and edit the access levels, let's say, um, this person allow communication of verifying. We'll go in to refresh and he can see all the shift history, um, various details, um, as a chef, for example, uh, progress nights, any updates to the shift of the shift history.

Um, we could go in as the connect person, um, he can save the information and approve that shift.

And now that's approved if, let's say Calendar. We'll see the shift being approved. So that's um, where the Rosa, uh, having been approved, he seen the shift history, uh, approved now. You can also see. Because I've enabled the communications. You can see in the communication history, any emails or invoices there've been sent emails, SMS messages, all that sort of communication backwards controls the time that's in here.

And the invoice information as Andrew mentioned, is that if I, um, okay. Back. Turn off. Um, but it's options. We'll see that, um, see that interface change back now, uh, in read only mode, a shift in read-only mode with, um, sorry, in a read only mode on. I can refresh this. I mean, request a service station. This allows me to contact or the client coming in and crank shift, um, does require an explanation and, um, and making that tasks as well.

When that, um, saves the, uh, the staff member, sorry, the client is that chair able to request a staff member. So, um, favorites, anyone who's been assigned that client in the last six months, they can turn that off and say additional clients, staff members, sorry. Um, and see who's available for those different times.

So now that that's got a staff member assigned and, um, it's all set up to go back to, um, and he's calendar.

We'll see that shifts come up now it's pending because you overlapped with the other one and as an admin, um, you can hear that. Um, and it, it, uh, the time as you would a normal shift now, in this case, Marcus was sent the shift and they haven't accepted. We can go in, um, turn that off. That's when he had that conversation with Marcus, the staff member to say, yep, they're happy with the shift with any, um, otherwise it stays where in pending until the staff member accepts that shift.

So those are the main, main points I was going to show you in chief can connect with, um, just the calendar view, um, the adding shifts and being able to turn on and off the different communications options. There is also a list view of shifts. So this is the visual of the shifts at that persons. At the time, so the client can get a rundown.

Um, and again, from, from this, uh, from this view, they can approve or, um, on approve shifts from,

I think at this stage we might throw open to, uh, to some questions. So some questions come in with.

I can't hear you. Sorry.

Andrew: Sorry. I didn't have my microphone down. Um, Barbara asks a question, which I've I've answered already, but, um, might be worth going through. Um, would you still need to work from the original ShiftCare or just transferred to a ShiftCare Connect account?

Ian: You, you would operate primarily from this chatter interface. Um, the, the connect has a more limited, uh, functionality in terms of being able to create shifts and manage them for a client. Um, you'll find like the prime, I guess the primary reason for using connect is just to give a view access to that one time rather than, um, you know, multiple clients and, um, you, you, you're missing all the ability to manage staff and talents and create invoices and all that sort of thing that they, um, the main avatar account has.

Andrew: Yeah. So mainly plant managers and loved ones can log in just to connect. And if you're an admin, uh, and you're running the business, you would use ShiftCare, the main ShiftCare scheduling. Cool. Um, anonymous attendee has asked, is there a way to change the schedule, a calendar from Sunday to Saturday? Um, to Monday to Monday to Saturday.

So I think at the moment it's showing Tuesday.

Ian: Yep. Uh, so that's an account setting. So if you go under your account settings and into the shear dealer module, we'll click edit and. And you can select as your default. And then, um, I've picked Tuesday. Um, if I switch that to Monday, I can say, okay. Back to the, we'll see that the first day of the month.

Andrew: Very good. Thanks. Did anyone else have any questions? It was only a few came through, so I'm open, open it up to any other questions. If anyone wants to ask while we're here. Um, it was a very quick one today, so we've wrapped up pretty quick. Uh, Ken, an electronic signature of time sheets to be generated.

Ian: No, not at this stage, but, um, what you can do is use connect to provide that approval. So on the shift, um, let's say, speaking on Brandon and, uh, for that client back into the link to customers or give permission to, um, verifying the shifts. So I'm freshly. Yes. I get to improve as the user. Um, and then you can save it. Annie is approved that shift, so you will see that shift history. Um, and also in the staff members time sheet, you'll see that that's been approved.

Andrew: Um, thanks. So Bo's asked, is there an offline model of ShiftCare and offline mode?

Ian: Um, no everything, uh, does a sort of transaction over the internet. So, um, whilst you can get the shift information on your phone to be able to access things like documents, um, and client information because of the security checks.

Um, to make sure that you've still got access to that information. There's an internet connection. And then to be able to clock in and clock out because, um, submitted across the incident, some sort of connection is needed, whether that's mobile phone or,

Andrew: Amanda's asked, is it possible to remove the invoices button from the connect options for a client.

Ian: Um, no, not at this stage. Faye's asked, can you create forms in ShiftCare? I think that he can do his progress note headings?

Yeah. So you can, uh, not forms as such, you can. Um, if I go into say a. Settings, you can add progress, note headings, um, Ms. Case we've got overruled ablations plus the parents has been wellbeing. If I go into a shift to add a note, you'll see those headings have come up here.

They have prompts for completing progress notes by the phones as such. Um, we don't have a form template that says. Um, you can use the document, which is a shared resource. So everyone close staff members can access this of their app. And this would be the document hub is where we place policies and templates for, um, say incident reports and things.

Andrew: Perfect. Thanks, Ian. Um, final question. Um, is there a way to have shoe care training modules to train users? I can probably answer that one. I'll actually, um, share my screen here.

So, yeah, there's, there's quite a lot of resources available, uh, as an administrator in shift, K you can log into live chat, uh, in the left-hand corner of your screen, there to chat with our support staff. We've got the YouTube learning center. Uh, so if you Google ShiftCare, YouTube, uh, there's a whole lot of, uh, online videos that you can access, uh, short snippets of videos to show you how to do certain things.

Uh, there's also all of our webinars on there as well. So, um, there's a topic for most items, um, within shift care. There's a really good one on there as well for training your staff with the mobile app. Um, I think it's this one here. Uh, so that's, uh, a full tutorial on how to get your staff up and running with this ShiftCare mobile app.

So there's a lot of online resources there, um, in the YouTube learning center. Uh, another really good resource is And this is our help center, uh, area where you can actually search for articles, uh, our support team. When you chat with them, they'll usually refer you to articles in this area.

Uh, and if you type for a particular. Uh, awesome topic. You'll get some really good assistance with the articles. They're really, really good. Step-by-step articles to show you how to get through certain things within ShiftCare and how to set it up. And, uh, I'd like to thank you all for joining us today, and we'll send you the link to this webinar, uh, when we're done.

So thank you all. And we'll see you.

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