How NDIS Plan Management Software Can Streamline Your Provider Process

Caoimhe Walsh

Written on 1 February, 2024
NDIS plan management software enables you to simplify your business management processes. You’ll be able to focus your time and energy on delivering excellent support instead of filling out paperwork.

What Is NDIS Plan Management Software? 

Plan management software helps NDIS service provider businesses and plan managers make the best use of a client’s NDIS funds. It does this through the automated tracking and forecasting of funds usage, measuring progress towards client goals, managing client documentation, service rostering tools and more.

Why Do You Need Plan Management Software? 

We’ve previously looked at how NDIS software supports plan managers, but they’re not the only ones who benefit from this tool. Whether you’re a disability support provider, support coordinator or allied health professional, NDIS plan management software will give you the tools to run a more efficient, effective and quality-first business. You’ll be able to:

Save Time 

With plan management software, you can automate admin tasks that would take hours to complete manually. New clients can be onboarded and added to the roster in under 15 minutes. With a few taps of your phone, you can push notify possible carers and service providers of new clients. 

You can also allow the software to auto-approve carers’ bids for these shifts and schedule them. And invoices, accounts and payroll can be auto-generated based on shift records.

Improve Support Quality

With NDIS plan management software, you can improve communication between you, your participants and their carers and support workers to foster more personalised supports. But that’s not the only way software can drive higher quality standards. 

NDIS software also reduces the likelihood of human error and helps you make more intelligent decisions. For example, by improving your rostering, you can make sure your carers have the rest periods they need to deliver their best work.

Grow Your Business

As your business grows and you take on more participants, your rostering requirements and accounts will become increasingly complex. NDIS plan management software supports your growth by ensuring your systems are scalable. No matter how much your client base grows, your admin workload will barely change.

5 Ways Plan Management Software Can Help Your NDIS Business 

1. Funds Management 

Strong funds management is at the core of effective NDIS service delivery. With ShiftCare’s NDIS plan management software, you’ll be able to track each client’s funds usage in real time. 

Spending forecasts will help you avoid shortages. And you can monitor separate NDIS funds, such as travel allowances or SIL funds, for each participant. You’ll find you can easily manage the services of clients with even the most complex plans. 

2. Roster Tracking 

With numerous participants and services, it can be hard to stay on top of each client’s schedule. That’s why our NDIS plan management software comes with rigorous rostering tools. 

You can view each participant’s individual weekly schedule. Set up recurring shifts to reduce your admin work and add new shifts to the job board so carers and support workers can bid on them.

3. Streamlined Payment Claims 

Getting NDIS claims right is key to being paid on time. ShiftCare plan management software can auto-generate a bulk invoice file based on shift records. Thanks to the integrated Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits, you can rest assured that your claims adhere to the requirements of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

4. Instant Reporting

With numerous clients, services, carers and funds, there’s plenty to keep track of. NDIS plan management software can give you a helping hand. You can auto-generate a wide array of reports, from activity, billing, performance and payment reports to timesheets, compliance reports and KPIs. 

You’ll have the oversight you need to ensure that your clients are receiving the high-quality disability support services they’re entitled to and that your business is operating efficiently and profitably.

5. Easier Client Communications

Staying on top of participant communications can be time-consuming, especially as you add new clients and services. With ShiftCare, you’ll gain access to a wealth of time-saving communications features. 

You can invite your clients and their loved ones to create an account on ShiftCare Connect, so you can quickly share schedules, billing information and progress reports with them. They can use the platform to request their preferred carers and support workers, additional services and more. 

Set Your Business Up for Success with NDIS Software

ShiftCare’s NDIS software gives you the tools you need to monitor clients’ service delivery, manage a team of support workers and carers, and handle NDIS admin. What’s more, it can free up hours each week so you can spend less time on paperwork and more time growing your business. Try ShiftCare for free.

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