How the Right NDIS Rostering Software Simplifies Scheduling

NDIS rostering can be complex. Not only do you need to consider clients’ funds and care needs. You’re also required to manage staff certifications and skills, their availability and preferred shifts, the practicalities of getting from one client location to another, and much more.

Taking all of this into consideration, you can easily spend hours tweaking your roster — and that’s without a staff member calling in sick or their car breaking down.

Get scheduling right, however, and everything runs smoothly within your care facility. Clients receive better care, staff are happier, and the costs associated with managing your roster are reduced. 

Fortunately, rostering doesn’t need to take up hours of your time. With NDIS rostering software, you can schedule quicker and better — not to mention enjoy better compliance tracking. 

Roster Faster Without Sacrificing Control 

For many disability service providers, some of the biggest scheduling challenges are the unique needs of clients, as well as their different locations. The right rostering tool, however, will give you both the insights and control needed to manage these issues.

With ShiftCare’s scheduler, for instance, you can set up shifts in just minutes. Simply ask staff to input their availability within the app. You can then see exactly who’s available and when from within the central ShiftCare dashboard, making it easy to create your roster. Just drag and drop carers and clients until you’re happy with the schedule.

If you’re struggling to match clients and carers, our geolocalisation map gives you a quick overview to help you make the most appropriate choices. You’ll be able to cut down on carers’ travel time and clients’ expenses at the same time. 

You can also roster entire teams at one go and set up recurring shifts within ShiftCare. Our intuitive colour-coded system will give you an at-a-glance understanding of which shifts have been confirmed or cancelled. Amending them is also a breeze, should clients’ needs change or a team member become unavailable. 

ShiftCare scheduler with coloured tags optionsIf you want to check a particular client’s or carer’s schedule, it’s just a click of a button. You can also add multiple clients to each shift so that your staff can easily stay on top of their responsibilities. Need to add or remove team members as your capacity requirements change? Not only is doing so easy, there’s no extra charge to your business.

All the Features You Need for NDIS Scheduling and Compliance

NDIS compliance and pricing can be complex, even if you’ve been working in disability services for years. ShiftCare’s NDIS rostering software makes it easy: everything you need is built into the program.

When scheduling, you can split shifts into multiple NDIS rates and services, making correct invoicing easy — and since the ShiftCare app has in-built, up-to-date NDIS pricing, you won’t have to worry about accidentally charging the wrong rate. Time-tracking and expenses verification will also help you update and monitor schedules, pay staff quicker, and ensure you’re NDIS compliant.

Need to match a client with a carer that has a particular qualification? That’s also easy in ShiftCare. Simply upload carers’ documentation to the software (be sure to turn on expiry alerts). Whether it’s a specific training or diploma, COVID-19 vaccination certificates, or visa details, the documentation and compliance section of the ShiftCare app will securely store the information. Then, when scheduling staff, you’ll be able to filter available carers by their documentation.

As one ShiftCare user says, “To know if someone's compliant with the NDIS or if this participant has this documentation, we rely on ShiftCare to tell us that information.”

ShiftCare's Compliance checker

Connect Your Schedules with Clients’ Fund Details

Proper fund management ensures clients get the most out of their plans, while also making it possible for businesses to accurately forecast, budget, and schedule services. 

With ShiftCare, you can check clients’ funds and plan details while you’re rostering your staff. This will help you schedule the ideal number of hours per service, calculate appropriate mileage and travel times, and more.

You can also monitor spending in real-time, ensuring you’ll never make a decision based on out-of-date information. Should a client unexpectedly need additional care — whether it’s physiotherapy sessions or an additional session with their psychologist — you’ll know exactly how much of their fund is available.

Since NDIS prices are automatically updated in-app each year, you can have full confidence knowing that the information is correct. For clients with multiple funds, you can also track spending for each one. The ShiftCare app will automatically let you know if a client has enough funds to see them through to the end of their plan, so you can adjust care as needed. 

Should clients’ funding run low, you’ll get an automatic alert. This way, you’ll have enough time to find a solution that works for both you and the client. 

With NDIS funds management built into your scheduling software, you can rest assured that your entire roster is fit for purpose. Forget having to go back and forth between multiple programs to ensure clients are receiving all the care they’re entitled to. With ShiftCare, rostering can be as simple as clicking on client identifiers from within the draft roster. When you’re satisfied, simply approve the schedule and get on with your day.

NDIS Rostering Software Can Make Scheduling Straightforward

The right rostering software can help you build a schedule that keeps everyone happy. Clients receive the quality care they’re entitled to, carers are empowered by the ability to input their availability and quickly update expenses, and your business’ profitability improves through efficient scheduling and NDIS fund management.

The ShiftCare rostering software and app is designed to simplify your scheduling while putting the control needed to run your business in your hands. What’s more, it has a wealth of other features designed for NDIS providers, such as invoicing, client progress notes, and financial reporting.

Try it free for a week to see how ShiftCare’s NDIS rostering software can streamline your scheduling processes, while driving stronger accuracy and compliance throughout your business.

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