NDIS Payments: How To Claim In Bulk For Greater Efficiency

Find out how to make NDIS provider payments streamlined and simple to help your business reduce costs, save time and increase client satisfaction. Read our NDIS invoicing guide!

NDIS invoicing can be complicated, so looking for ways to make provider payments streamlined and simple will greatly help your business reduce costs, save time and increase client satisfaction.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is with using the bulk NDIS claims process on care management systems like ShiftCare.

The more clients your business takes on, the more administration work that gets generated. This means more overhead for the business and fewer resources targeted at improving the care you offer and scaling the business for greater profit. By performing an NDIS bulk upload, you’ll be creating a more efficient business and your team can focus less on admin and more on the things that really matter...

Easier NDIS uploads

Consider the following scenario:

An NDIS provider renders care to 20 participants, each of whom has one booking per week. If the provider were to upload one month’s worth of claims under ‘create payment request’, 80 separate upload requests would need to be processed.

If that same provider chose to use the Bulk Claims feature instead, they would only have to upload one single file. Clearly, this is a much faster way to perform the NDIS invoicing process, which will save your admin team time and save on business overhead costs.

In fact with ShiftCare’s care management system, bulk invoicing can save providers up to 90 per cent of their invoice processing time (a massive reduction!). That time (and the savings) can then be invested in other areas of your disability support business, helping it to grow and provide even better care.

Upload bulk invoices for NDIS providers - ShiftCare Disability Software and App

Faster NDIS bulk claim processing

By opting for NDIS bulk payment requests, not only is organising and uploading the claims much faster and simpler, but so too is the tracking. With all the NDIS claims uploaded in the one file, your team can view the progress of the claims directly in the ShiftCare app.

If you have your regular client disability support sessions set up and are processing them on a regular basis, you’ll reduce errors, given that the end-to-end is all automated.

Having mistakes on the claims can slow the process down and result in rejected claims, meaning your team will need to review, rectify and resubmit the files. This means increased administration time and overhead, delayed payments and a decrease in efficiency. Make sure your client details are correct and that your team is trained in the different support categories in the NDIA to avoid issues and make the bulk NDIS claims process as fast as possible.

Improve your cash flow with NDIS bulk claims

Once you have your business set up for NDIS bulk uploads, the streamlined process will provide another important benefit: increased cash flow.

With the claims being quickly uploaded together, they’ll arrive at the NDIA processing office sooner, meaning you get paid faster. This increased cash flow will help keep your business running smoothly and ensures that your care providers get paid on time.

Upload NDIS Invoices directly - ShiftCare Care Management

The faster your invoicing process, the better your cash flow, so it pays to invest in creating a more efficient NDIS payment request system for your disability care business. A care management system like ShiftCare can help make this process a breeze.

How do I set up Bulk Claims for NDIS?

If your business is already set up with ShiftCare’s customer management system, then there are a few things to double check before being able to submit an NDIS bulk upload.

  • Your company’s NDIS registration number is recorded in settings on ShiftCare
  • The correct registration numbers for each client are on the client detail page
  • Check that the NDIS rates have the right code next to them.

With all that done, you will need to generate a bulk invoice export document. Once you have that, it needs to be uploaded to the NDIS portal, under ‘Bulk Payment Request Upload’, which is found on the Payment Request page.

NDIS Payment - Bulk Upload - Disability Providers Software - ShiftCare


Being an NDIS Provider is not easy. There are many elements to running a successful business that provides key services to people in need. Any way that you can find to make it easier to manage the requirements of the NDIS (like making bulk claims) will help to make your business more efficient and profitable.

If you’d like to see how ShiftCare can help with managing NDIS bulk claims and all the other aspects of a business providing NDIS services, click here to start your free trial.

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