3 Ways Home Health Software Prevents Employee Burnout

Caoimhe Walsh

Written on 14 May, 2024
Employee burnout can lead to low staff retention rates and poor quality of care, but home health software can help you combat this by improving employees’ job satisfaction.

Disability care workers, including support workers and carers in the NDIS sector, are highly susceptible to burnout, just like their counterparts in healthcare. This burnout not only increases the likelihood of errors but also drives many dedicated professionals to leave their roles. Given the current high turnover rates in the sector, this is a pressing concern.

Thankfully, specialised software designed for home care services can greatly assist agencies and caregivers by minimising burnout and enhancing the quality of care they provide. Here’s how:

1. Give Employees Greater Control Over Their Schedules

Study after study shows that employees quit when their schedules aren’t flexible enough. Giving staff control over their schedules allows them to balance their work with their other priorities: family, school, informal caregiving, and hobbies. In this way, it reduces their stress levels and allows them to come to work with more energy and enthusiasm.

Of course, NDIS providers also need control over schedules. Your priority is planning shifts around care receivers’ needs, while also ensuring your business is profitable. However, care management software allows you to do this while also giving your staff the flexibility they want.

With disability software, you can input your needs into the program and invite workers to add their availability. You can then assign available staff to care receivers and create a schedule in just minutes. 

Plus, when support workers want to take days off, they can simply do it via the ShiftCare caregiver app — you just need to establish the minimum amount of required notice, and everything else will be done automatically.

2. Ensure Employees Have Everything They Need to Do Their Job Well 

When employees have access to all the necessary tools and information for their shift, they feel more empowered and fulfilled in their roles. This setup not only boosts their confidence but also enhances job satisfaction.

On the other hand, lacking essential information or tools can make their tasks stressful and confusing. The ongoing uncertainty about their performance can contribute to burnout, affecting their long-term commitment and well-being.

NDIS care management software provides a solution by automating essential processes. This system allows you to store all relevant information about care receivers securely on an app, accessible to staff anywhere. From detailed care plans and documentation to updates on care receivers’ goals and progress notes from fellow caregivers—all this crucial data is just a tap away, streamlining the caregiving process and reducing stress for your team.

3. Facilitate Quick Payments for Hours Worked and Expenses 

It’s a common claim that pay doesn’t affect job motivation, but that’s not always the case. In fact, one recent study of medical practitioners showed that those with higher incomes and better household economic well-being were more likely to experience job satisfaction and, consequently, were less likely to become burned out. It’s not the only study that’s linked lower incomes with high levels of burnout, either.

You may not be able to offer higher pay rates to your staff, although that would be one way to improve job satisfaction. You can, however, use home health software to ensure staff get paid correctly and on time.

Home health software will enable accurate timekeeping and expenses, with no need to chase up missing receipts via email. You can also integrate it directly with your accounting and invoicing software, ensuring that all your employees get paid fully and on time. 

In doing so, you can reduce staff members’ financial stress and help them feel positive about their work.

Discover How Care Management Software Can Help Your NDIS Business

Preventing employee burnout is key to providing high-quality care and improving your bottom line. Motivated staff are less likely to make mistakes and are more likely to create a positive experience for care receivers.

They are also less likely to quit, which means you can rely on a motivated, experienced and qualified team of caregivers who know what they are doing. You won’t lose organisational knowledge through rapid turnover, and you won’t waste time constantly training new recruits.

Plus, just like how burnout is contagious, so too is job satisfaction. When your staff members are motivated and work well, they create a positive domino effect. Their well-written progress notes help other staff members perform well; their willingness to cover shifts means other workers feel supported and have the work-life balance they need.

NDIS care management software has long been recognised for its ability to improve the quality of the care you provide, while also ensuring you comply with all regulations through document management. 

It can also help you improve the employee experience. Software like ShiftCare is purpose-built to meet NDIS business needs. Its scheduling functions allow staff to input their availability, so you can create shifts in minutes. Plus, the ability to duplicate schedules gives stability to the workers who want it, while also cutting down on your workload.

Your back office will appreciate the accurate timekeeping and expenses, while employees can rest assured that they will always be paid the right amount on the right date.

What’s more, with ShiftCare, you can store all required documentation in one secure location. From care plans and shift progress notes to caregivers’ vaccination details, you and your team will have immediate access to everything they need (and nothing more). In this way, caregivers will never experience unnecessary delays in being assigned shifts, and they’ll also be empowered to provide quality care. 

To discover how home health software can improve your employees’ job satisfaction, try ShiftCare for free today.

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