Biggest Challenges for NDIS Care Providers (and how to solve them)

Caoimhe Walsh

Written on 3 May, 2024
NDIS providers encounter various obstacles, including attracting clients, retaining skilled support workers, preparing for audits, and complying with the SCHADS Award. This blog outlines effective tips and best practices to help your NDIS business tackle and overcome these challenges.

Interpreting the SCHADS award

The Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award (SCHADS) governs employment conditions for social and community workers, but its complexity can be a significant challenge for care providers. Misunderstanding this crucial legislation can lead to non-compliance, risking overpayments or underpayments that may result in severe penalties, wage-back payments, business losses, and stressful audits.

However, managing compliance doesn't have to be a daunting task. With ShiftCare and Pay Cat, you can automate your payroll processes to ensure 100% compliance effortlessly.

ShiftCare’s software simplifies meeting the SCHADS requirements, helping businesses efficiently manage employee schedules, time tracking, and payroll. By integrating with Pay Cat’s legally approved SCHADS interpreter, the complexity of compliance becomes manageable, removing the stress from these crucial operations.

Discover how ShiftCare and Pay Cat can help you achieve flawless compliance with the SCHADS award and streamline your payroll processes.

Download our free guide "Comprehensive SCHADS Award Guide for ShiftCare Users". This guide provides an easy-to-understand outline of the award and exactly what you need to know as a care provider.

Achieve Complete SCHADS Compliance with Pay Cat and ShiftCare

Getting more NDIS clients

Attracting more NDIS clients is a major challenge in a competitive market where standing out is key. Effective marketing strategies are vital for NDIS providers looking to expand their client base. By deploying targeted marketing tactics such as developing clear value propositions, boosting online visibility, and engaging in proactive outreach like outbound prospecting, providers can forge stronger connections with potential clients. These strategies not only highlight the unique benefits of their services but also cater to the specific needs of NDIS participants, enhancing engagement and attracting more clients.

Join our free webinar hosted by Chris Hall, the founder of Peak Provider. In this session, Chris will share powerful marketing strategies that will help you identify profitable service areas, master outbound prospecting, and create compelling value propositions that resonate with your target audience.

These techniques are designed to increase your service's visibility and appeal in the competitive NDIS market, enhance client engagement, and boost the impact of your services. Whether you're new to NDIS marketing or seeking to refine your existing strategies, this webinar provides vital insights and practical tools to help you succeed. We have more marketing insights in our blog "The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your NDIS Provider Business"

Our free ebook "Mastering Differentiation to Grow Your NDIS Business" is your blueprint to unlock growth by setting your NDIS services apart.

How To Get NDIS Participants: NDIS Marketing Strategies

Preparing for an Audit

Preparing for an NDIS audit is crucial to ensure your services comply with the National Disability Insurance Scheme standards and regulations. Proper preparation demonstrates your commitment to delivering high-quality care and safeguards your organisation against penalties for non-compliance.

Begin by fully understanding the NDIS Practice Standards and the specific requirements applicable to your services. Keep your policies up to date and ensure your staff are well-trained on these standards, emphasising the importance of accurate documentation. Conduct internal audits to identify and address any issues ahead of the official audit. This proactive approach not only smooths the audit process but also enhances the quality and safety of care provided to NDIS participants.

Belinda Llamas from the Provider Institute led a webinar on navigating the NDIS audit process effectively. She shared essential strategies for audit preparation and highlighted common compliance issues and how to prevent them. It's crucial to understand the NDIS Practice Standards and Code of Conduct, as well as being familiar with both the core and any relevant supplementary modules for your services.

Audit outcomes can range from full compliance to significant non-conformities, often due to inadequate documentation. To tackle this, providers need to be thoroughly versed in NDIS regulations, assign roles clearly, implement robust systems, and prepare for audits. This session provided practical tips for being well-prepared and organised for your next audit, whether it's your first, a mid-term check, or a renewal.

ShiftCare’s care management software assists your NDIS business in staying compliant and audit-ready with features that manage documents efficiently. Our software alerts you when important documents are nearing expiration, helping your business remain current and compliant.

Gold Standard Tips for NDIS Audit Success

Attracting and retaining care providers

Retaining NDIS care staff is a real challenge for providers, given the demanding nature of the job and a fiercely competitive job market. Care workers face high-stress situations, work unsociable hours, and deal with emotionally demanding tasks, which can lead to burnout. Providing competitive salaries and clear career progression is crucial to keep your staff motivated and committed. To boost job satisfaction and loyalty, NDIS providers should strive to create a supportive work environment, offer regular training, and recognise the hard work of their staff. Our blog "The Comprehensive Guide to Recruiting Support Workers: From Job Ads to Retention" has more in-depth insights into recruiting and retaining support workers.

In a webinar hosted by Belinda McLean from HR Focus, we addressed several key challenges in managing staff within the demanding contexts of aged care and the NDIS sectors. The discussion started with strategies to attract staff despite the tight job market, stressing the importance of staff retention. We explored ways to keep staff engaged and tackle the issue of "quiet quitting," where employees withdraw emotionally without leaving their jobs. The webinar also covered supporting mental health in the workplace, essential for sustaining productivity and well-being.

We wrapped up the session by reviewing the latest industry benchmarks, allowing attendees to compare their practices against current standards in aged care and disability services. This webinar was designed to arm leaders with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively manage their teams and improve their operational effectiveness.

Have you downloaded our free guide on "Overcoming Staff Shortages In Disability Support". This guide will go through building a recruitment and retention strategy that’s suited to the challenges of the Australian disability support industry.

Staying Up to Date: Staying Up to Date: Attract, Retain & Engage Your Team

NDIS care providers face several significant challenges, from attracting and retaining skilled staff to preparing for rigorous audits. By understanding and implementing strategic solutions, providers can overcome these hurdles effectively. Enhancing recruitment and retention strategies, thoroughly preparing for audits, actively pursuing new clients through targeted marketing, and accurately interpreting the SCHADS award are all crucial steps.

Each of these areas requires attention and dedication but addressing them directly can lead to improved service delivery, compliance, and ultimately, business growth within the NDIS framework.

Explore ShiftCare's care management software by signing up for our free 7-day trial.

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